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How to improve your master bedroom

How to improve your master bedroom


The bedroom is definitely one of the most important rooms in everybody’s house, to say the least. In your bedroom, you expect to find peace and quiet, a feeling that it is hard to find in other places, especially if you live in a big hectic city like London.

When you get into your bed, you want all your problems to step aside and be able to rest for a few hours a day, don’t you. Feeling like this description does not match your bedroom situation at all? Well, it is time for you to make a few changes then!

Stay with us to find some of the easiest and most effective ways to improve your master bedroom and feel like a real king/queen when it’s time to get a good night’s sleep.

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Change your walls colour, change your mood

If you’re feeling a bit off every time you open your bedroom’s door, the reason may be found in your walls colour. Choosing the right shade for your bedroom -or any room, in fact- will help you create the right atmosphere.

For a master bedroom, it is advisable to avoid bright and bold colours. A warm colour scheme will not have the calming and relaxing effect you would expect from a bedroom, so instead, go for soft green, blue, grey or the always effective white.

A comfortable bed is your priority

Now that we have welcomed our Time-Living beds collection, there is no longer an excuse for not changing your uncomfortable old bed. The bed is actually the most important item in your bedroom -there is a reason why it is called bedroom-, so why not spending the right amount of time to find the best one?

The mattress is not all that counts. In fact, a good way to start is choosing the perfect bed frame. Whether metal, leather or wood, it’s up to you. Simply take into consideration the overall look and match it to the rest of the decoration. And don’t forget that comfort always comes first!

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Rugs and pillows everywhere

Choosing the right bed is only the beginning. Making your master bedroom the paradise of cosiness means rugs and pillows need to be present as well. First, choose a nice carpet and place it around the bed so you have a warm and soft place to put your feet on when you wake up in the morning.

Also, make sure you have a lot of pillows on your bed. Alright, it may be a bit annoying to have so many of them when making the bed but it will totally be worthy to surround yourself with pillows when you sleep, especially after a hard day at work or when you’re feeling poorly.

Choose the right light and personalise with style

You will never get the right atmosphere with a bad lighting. That’s a fact. First of all, choose one bedside tables from our range, bearing in mind that the height of the nightstand should be the height of the top of your mattress. Then, beautify your room with cute lamps that match your bedroom decoration.

It is also important to keep your decor personal. Surround yourself with personal items -such as photo frames and intimate possessions- and you will never feel lonely again. This last step is very important to make your bedroom feel like your own little sanctuary, where nothing bad ever happens.