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Two kids no focus? How to cope with toys and mess when choosing your interior design

Two kids no focus? How to cope with toys and mess when choosing your interior design

It’s so easy to lose track of your decor when the children come along, but Space and Shape’s clever interior design hacks will keep you on track, no matter how many times you tread on a Lego brick nor how often you have to wipe baby food off the wall!

children's art wall

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Art on show

Forget the blobby muddy pictures held on the fridge door with magnets - celebrating the creativity of your little ones is a great way to get them thinking about shape, colour and form so they discover how to use design in their own lives. An art wall is quick to create, easy to curate and brings life and imagination to your interiors. 

corner stage home decor

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All the world’s a stage

Children love to play - and we know play activity is good for their development. A stage built into part of your living space can help your children become more creative and confident, and allows you to control the spread of toys and equipment. Draw the curtains and you’ll have hidden all that wonderful creative mess and your chosen decorative scheme will be all that’s on show.



Store with style

There is no need to have neon-bright ‘kiddie’ storage systems. Either the Roadie Chic small sideboard or Amelie Solid Oak Toy Box / Blanket Box is an ideal storage solution for parents with messy kids - they are both awesome looking pieces of furniture. The sideboard is made from largely reclaimed wood, so it’s great for the planet and it’s on wheels, so the storage can come to the mess, rather than the mess being taken to the storage! 

children's rug

Bring the outdoors inside

No, not houseplants or sand-pits (although those are both great ideas if you have the space) but outdoor quality rugs and flooring. There’s just no getting away from the fact that children drop things on the floor all the time and an outdoor or high-traffic carpet or rug is a fantastic investment as they don’t stain easily, are less likely to develop wear patterns and rugs at least can often be thrown in the washing machine!