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4 tips to transform your house into a dream house

4 tips to transform your house into a dream house


Interior designing is all about playing with different colours, designs and accessories and bringing them together in a way that gives your house a unique sense of style. You can showcase your taste and flair through a simple piece of furniture or accessories like cushions and rugs. Whether you want a classic look or a more modern one, it’s about choosing the right furniture that incorporates your personality into the house. Furniture designers out there have come up with exclusive furniture items and accessories that you can choose depending on what you think is best for your dream house. If you are running out of ideas and don’t know where to start, let us help you with a few designer furniture items and accessories that we think can be the perfect fit for you.

Go For Fibreglass

Style comes from the right mix. We have furniture that is traditional and then pieces that are more retro and contemporary. The furniture you choose can be made from metal, plastic or wood, depending on what will look best in your lounge or kitchen. Plastic chairs may look great in the kitchen, but probably not in your bedroom. Charles and Ray Eames experimented with fibreglass reinforced plastics in the 20th century that led to beautifully designed chairs perfect for the dining area, lounge and kids bedroom.

Add a Swiss Touch

If you want to go for furniture that adds sophistication to your house and is made exquisitely with fine lines and a unique style, steel furniture inspired by a Swiss designer Le Corbusier will do just that. Combined with leather, these chairs and sofas portray luxuriousness and a lavish lifestyle, if that’s the look you want for your house. It’s the perfect piece of furniture for the lounge or bedroom, adding a level of comfort that you didn’t know before.

Bring the Retro Back

If you want your house to be adorned in a modern style that adds comfort and elegance in an effortless way, Arne Jacobsen’s designs are what you need. His swan and egg chairs are as fascinating as the name indicates. Combined with leather, they don’t just look good but are great when you want to relax. Fit them in your lounge or bedroom, and enjoy the sense of style that they bring along with them. You can also add Poul Henningsen’s snowball suspension lamp which has a one of a kind design and despite being created in the 1900’s, brings a modern touch.

Mix wood and metal

Many people prefer a traditional look with wooden furniture in darker tones, adding a sophisticated and classic look to their house. They like to have carved furniture, cushion covers with unique designs and even the leather used is in darker tones. However, if you want something that is more in between then you can mix wood and metal together to create a perfect balance. Hans J Wegner and Norman Cherner inspired designs do just that, with stools and chairs that can be placed anywhere in the house.

You will find iconic pieces like the Barcelona and Wishbone Chair, or comfortable cushions and uniquely designed home accessories but the best way to choose the right piece for your dream house is the one that is an expression of YOUR personal style!