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3 Unorthodox Ways to Save Up for Your Major Furniture Purchase

3 Unorthodox Ways to Save Up for Your Major Furniture Purchase


One of the biggest joys of creating a home for yourself is being able to invest in some heirloom furniture - a piece of modern furniture that is going to be with you for decades, or something by a great designer that will make you happy every time you look at it.

But saving up for that purchase can be a pain, so here’s a tongue-in-cheek Space & Shape guide to saving.

1. Sell your blood!

No, not really, but there’s nearly always something to flog. Turning out your cupboards and emptying the loft can often reveal items you don't want but others might value. If you’re really interested in maximising your returns, take a free online copywriting course to see if you can boost your sales power by describing your unwanted tat in ways that make it irresistible to others.

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2. Pester power

Remember when you were eight and you wanted something so badly that you nagged your parents Every. Five. Minutes! Well, it’s a technique that the brave can use - it just requires a wider perspective and a high degree of confidence. If your boss tells you you’ve done a great job, if you have doting godparents, if your mates owe you money for the big night out you had a couple of weeks ago… you can simply ask for cash. If that’s a step too far for you, consider a GoFundMe page for your much desired furniture, you’d be amazed how generous your friends and family can be, especially if you post a persuasive picture of your prospective purchase.

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3. Start a snark box

Sometimes it’s hard to admit, but we all have a few character defects: our sarcasm, our habit of leaving our socks outside the bathroom door, our tendency to ‘forget’ to empty the dishwasher, that kind of thing. Starting a forfeit box for every occasion that you indulge your bad habits means that you can’t lose - either you’re going to use each slip to save towards your longed for interior decor, or you’re going to learn to change your behaviour so that you’re easier to be around - or both!


Here's something worth selling your blood for: