5 ways to create an inspiring home office space

June 29, 2015


Are you the kind of person who tends to take their work home? If you are, you might find that working in the bedroom or living room area is not as productive as working in an office space. If you have a lot of workload and you prefer working in a space which is isolated and helps you get your work done, creating an office space at home can work wonders for you.

However, creating a home office space is entirely different compared to other rooms in the house. It needs to be structured in a way that helps you get your work done in an inspiring and refreshing way. You may have no control over how your office at work looks but at home, you can design it the way you want! Here are 5 ways to create an inspiring home office space:

  1. Find a working corner you like

An office space doesn’t need to be very large. It can be a small space but just make sure it does not get too cluttered in any way. You can choose a spot in the house which is a little isolated from the rest of the house or just a place where you usually like to work, and change it up to create a home office!

  1. Get the office furniture

Creating the perfect office space is all about getting the right furniture. If you do not have a chair that is comfortable or a table that is a perfect size, it would not be the right fit for you. Go to a furniture store and choose the chair that fits best as well as a table that gives you all the space you need, and voila! You are already halfway done with creating the perfect office space for yourself!

  1. Add colourful office accessories

Do not think that just because it’s an office space, it needs to look dull and boring. By adding colours which inspire you, you can really make a difference. Whether you like bright bold green penholders, or shiny yellow speakers, it is now your choice to make your office space as colourful and bright as you want.

  1. Decorate an inspiring wall

This may sound confusing at first – I mean what does an inspiring wall look like right? But it is simpler than you think. What inspires you? Maybe it is a piece of art, pictures of your loved ones or like what I do with inspirational quotes on notepads. Whatever it is, you can use those elements to create a collage over a coloured piece of wall or even create a chalk wall where you can write down your favourite inspiring quotes.

  1. Choose the office lighting

In an office space good lighting is essential. You can also invest in desk lamps or floor lamps to add more lighting in the room and keep it illuminated. A dark office space can get depressing along with being bad for the eyes, so make sure you go for the right lighting in your new office.


    Jess Claire

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