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Why replica furniture? Original quality within your affordability!

Why replica furniture?  Original quality within your affordability!


How many designer pieces do you see around that you just fall in love with? Whether you are browsing on the internet or walking around furniture stores, there is always some piece of furniture which catches your eye. But the question is; can you afford it? When it comes to designing your house or redecorating from scratch, it is always good to work with a budget rather than splurging your money on unnecessary things or furniture that you can get at a much affordable price. If you want designer pieces to furnish your home without emptying your wallet, there is only one way to go about it and that is replica furniture! Here are some reasons why you should go for replica furniture:

The quality is great

In the 20th century we saw a rise of great designers who produced impeccable furniture pieces and were known to think outside the box. Their artistic creations proved to be timeless pieces that still look great as modern pieces of furniture. High quality reproductions of the designer pieces you want ensure that the original essence of the designs is not lost. These designers, who are in charge of reproductions, make sure that every detailing is done the right way so that the difference between the original and the replica piece is unnoticeable.

The prices are much lower

The original pieces are hard to find and even if you do, chances are that you will go way over your set budget. To ensure you get the right look affordably, reproductions that have been created keeping the original techniques in mind, can help you achieve the interior you want. If you want replica chairs to be placed in the living room or kitchen, you can find remarkable pieces ranging from £100- £200. An original Charles Eames rocking chair will cost you up to £2000 while a high quality reproduction will cost you around £100!

What kind of pieces can you find?

Keeping in mind the room that is being furnished, whether it is the living room, bedroom, kitchen or the patio, you can find the perfect furniture to go with it. The reproduction of Charles Eames Dax Chair or the Gueridon Dining Table by Jean Prouvé will be a perfect addition in the dining area. The innovative design of the Mag Table by Eric Pfieffer is a multifunctional design that can be placed in the living room or outdoor space for a chic look. The Verner Panton Junior chair set will look great placed in your kid’s bedroom. These are just a few examples of high quality reproductions that can be perfect for the different settings that you are trying to create.

These high quality replicas are making the designs you always wanted accessible to you. You can now have the designs that Charles Eames, Jasper Morrison, Philippe Starck, Verner Panton along with other mid-century designers created. Replica furniture is all about giving the original designers the credit they deserve while creating pieces that are widely demanded as people want the best for their homes. Now instead of getting one original designer piece without having money left for anything else, you can buy many high quality replicas of designer pieces for every room in the house.