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5 interior design mistakes to learn from

5 interior design mistakes to learn from


Whoever said interior designing was easy clearly had no experience with it. When it comes to designing a room there are so many aspects that need to be taken care of. It requires time and careful deliberation to add a personal touch to any space. It does require some experimenting to develop a keen eye for interior designing, so if you end up making mistakes don’t beat yourself up. Even professional interior designers who have years of experience, end up making blunders. But it’s good to know some common mistakes in interior designing so that you can at least avoid those and make the whole process a lot simpler.

Here is a list of 5 interior design mistakes which should be avoided whether you are a professional designer or a newbie:

  1. Without measuring the room before you start buying furniture

The famous Linda Floyd explains how a room should be considered as a cityscape which promotes the placement of different heights. Before you start placing furniture, how about you analyse the space? Play around with any free online room planning design tool instead of haphazardly buying anything that catches your eye in the store. One other thing you need to keep in mind is that all your furniture shouldn’t be placed at the same level. Work with the space you have got in order to get the correct look from your imagination.

  1. Doing all your shopping in a day

You have just moved into your new house or have decided it’s time to refurnish, and what do you do? You go to the furniture store and buy everything at once. Modern cushions, designer tables and chairs, basically whatever catches your eye become a part of your new home decor. Impulse buying may be fun, but it’s never a good idea. This way you end up buying similar looking furniture items or pieces that don’t fit together at all. Take your time, browse around and you will surely end up buying designer or affordable replica furniture pieces that complement each other and enhance your space.

  1. Ignoring the fabrics and textiles

We instantly jump to painting when it comes to redecorating or furnishing a room. Put down the brush and breathe! You might feel like deciding the fabrics and main textiles of the room such as rugs and curtains are the last thing to do as opposed to window treatment, paint, polish and other room prep options. But this is the wrong way to go about things when it comes to interior designing. You will see that finding a fabric which you love and then picking a matching colour to go with your modern furniture, is easier as compared to any other way.

  1. Believing that deciding the paint colour is simple

Deciding the colour of your bedroom, living space, kitchen and the other rooms in your house, is never an easy task. Either we tend go too bold or too pale – so how do you achieve that perfect shade of paint on your walls that you always wanted? Again just don’t pick up your favourite colour and start painting the room. Analyse the size of the room, what kind of theme you are going for and what is the overall look you are trying to achieve. For instance a larger space needs more tonal depth but a smaller space can incorporate brighter colours.

  1. Having too many focal points in a room

There needs to be a perfect balance between everything that is placed in a room. Every room has its own particular focal point so why make it confusing? For instance in your bedroom the focal point is going to be the headboard, in the living room area the TV or even a piece of art. Whatever focal point you decide on, make sure it’s the only one. Otherwise any space you decorate will start looking cramped up, with the interior appearing confusing to everyone.