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10 easy home decorating hacks for adventurous homeowners

10 easy home decorating hacks for adventurous homeowners


For many of us interior decorating can be a big challenge, but not for the adventurous homeowners who are willing to take the risk of experimenting with design elements and styling techniques. Small design details can make a big impact to your room's ambience and with these 10 easy home decorating hacks you can create genius makeovers in just a day.

  1. Use your Dining Table to Display a Great Collection of Items

Sometimes in order to make a statement you can use everyday items that can be grouped into a collection and displayed on a stretched platform such as a dining table. These items don't necessarily have to match. As long as they go together with the designer furniture you have chosen, it can create a dramatic look.

  1. Hang an Interior Curtain to Hide Dinner Preps

If you have an outstretched area which includes the kitchen and the living room, you can divide the area by simply installing an interior curtain in order to hide the mess of dinner preparations when hosting a dinner party for guests. It will not only conceal the mess but will also provide a stylish and elegant touch to your interior.

  1. Mix and Match

Every room has its own theme and colour scheme when it comes to decorating and styling it. Using these elements you can mix and match bedding material or fabric for the room in order to create a rustic and traditional ambience. For instance to create a nautical theme, you can use different patterns, fabric and colour for your furniture in order to give it a vintage look.

  1. Place an Antique in your Bathroom

Antique items go well with both modern and traditional styling techniques. Place an antique dresser in the guest bathroom as a sink cabinet which will not only boast its authenticity but also furnish a modern and clean look.

  1. Paint a Piece of Furniture White

In order to create an airy, light and bright room you can opt to paint everything white. Items bought from a flea market can be transformed from their current, tired look into a modern and fresh appeal by painting them white. By painting items with high-gloss white paint you can display certain detailing on contemporary furniture more vividly.

  1. Wall Art with Plates

There are many ways to be creative when it comes to dressing up a bare wall. Sophisticated artwork or simple and old spray-painted plates can be used to create an innovative and artistic tone. Judging the colour scheme and style of your room, you can paint these vintage style plates in order to present creativity and ingenuity.

  1. Bring Liveliness to Your Vinyl Window Shades

Vinyl window shades are boring and white, and they might not necessarily go along with the overall style of the room. By covering these shades with leftover wallpaper, you can add a pop of colour to your room.

  1. Turn Your Hallways into a Decorative Space

You can dress up your hallways with vintage carpets or rugs and designer furniture, which will not only draw an eye to different features in that space but will also transform a plain hallway into an eye-catching decorated space. By adding Turkish and Moroccan inspired carpets and rugs, you can add authentic elements to your overall interior design.

  1. Create Intimate Seating

You can move furniture items away from the walls in order to create a more intimate seating arrangement in your living room. Such styling tips and tricks reflect an illusion on the eye when it comes to arranging modern furniture in your room.

    10. Use Old Curtains to Reupholster Furniture

Fabrics lying around your house which you might want to get rid off can be used for upholstering furniture instead. For instance if you have designer curtains which seem to be out-dated and can't be incorporated with the current style of the room, you can use it to upholster modern chairs and sofas. This will create an impactful effect where everything in the room will have a story of its own.