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5 styles of interior design you need to know

5 styles of interior design you need to know


Interior designing does not consist of just one style. There are many different styles that can be incorporated to create the perfect look for your home. The beauty about interior designing is that there are no rules about what style should be followed. You can incorporate your own personal style statement in order to get the look you want. Interior design styles incorporate different looks such as modern, contemporary, traditional, classic or eclectic, and we tend to use many of these terms interchangeably even though they are all highly different. Here are some of the main interior design styles you need to know about:


Modern designing is all about simplicity. There is minimal use of textures, decorations and accessories, in order to create a clean-lined look. The colours used are more natural and neutral, being perfectly aligned with the furniture and the overall look that is to be achieved. Modern designing is all about creating the illusion of space by making sure nothing is too cluttered and keeping the designing as simplistic as possible.


Contemporary and modern are two terms which are constantly interchanged but they do not mean the same thing! Contemporary designing is bolder and can even incorporate bright colours. The furniture designs and shapes used are unique, and contemporary designing is all about keeping up with the latest trends in designing.


If you prefer a more traditional look, then your house will end up having a warm, homey feel. It is all about comfort, consistency and softness of designs. In traditional designing, reproductions and high quality replica furniture becomes the perfect choice as the mid-century designers have just the right traditional designs which you can incorporate in your home. Floral patterns, neutral colours, antiques, oriental rugs and upholstered wood pieces are commonly found in traditional designing.


Again you need to keep in mind that traditional and classic designs are not the same. Classic designing is all about wood with ornate designs, with furniture that is richer compared to the one used in traditional designing. The colours used are more natural and elegant, and a room that is classically designed will usually have a focal point for instance a fireplace or a classic rocking chair.


However, there are some people who do not like to stick to one specific kind of style. For them designing is all about mix-and-match, with designs that incorporate different features, colours and styles. This is a perfect way to incorporate your own personal style while designing your home but it can prove to be quite tricky! While you are mixing and matching fabrics, furniture pieces and different colours, you need to ensure that there is still a balance maintained between all the different styles that are being used.

So what is your interior style? It is not that simple determining what style suits you and your home best. This is why it is important that you read up on it or take one of the interior designing quizzes online to determine what exactly YOUR interior style fits!