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10 quick and simple home accent ideas to refresh your space

10 quick and simple home accent ideas to refresh your space


Are you looking to redecorate your living space this summer? Bored with the basic ambience of your room and want to accentuate its style and aura that would boast character and personality? Here are 10 quick and simple home accent ideas to refresh your living space:

  1. Renovate a Garden Stool into an Accent Table

Sometimes items lying around your home can be transformed to be used for another room's interior decor. For instance, if you have an idle garden stool lying around which doesn't complement the garden's interior; you can paint, polish or reinvent it so that it can serve as an accent table for your living room.

  1. Brighten Up Your Bedroom by Throwing in Colourful Accent Cushions

As each season passes by, you can brighten up your bedroom by adding colourful accent Cushions to go with interior style which will provide a vibrant and energetic ambience to your room.

  1. Paint an Accent Wall.

If you are looking to provide a focal point to your room, you can do so by painting an accent wall. This will not only add colour to the room but will also create an energetic feel that will go well with your designer furniture and make the room look chic and trendy. If you are not sure which colour to pick from, take inspiration by looking around the room. An accent wall should complement the overall ambience and provide aesthetic value to the room.

  1. Add floral arrangements

What can be more refreshing than adding a floral arrangement or some centre pieces on tables for an aesthetic appeal? Whether you go for fresh flowers or some decor items that you find at the store, the entire ambience of the room can change with this simple addition.

  1. Add a new set of curtains

Enhancing the window space and drawing attention towards it can really change the entire look of the room. Buy a new set of curtains if the old ones have started to look too washed out or appear outdated. Maybe a set with brighter colours and a print that goes with the entire interior, can really add some vibrancy to the room.

  1. Add an artistic touch to your walls

You can bring life to a bare wall by hanging an array of small photographs or artworks. Whether you choose to go for a single piece of artwork or an arrangement that covers up the wall, an artistic impact can be created. Go for a piece of artwork that appeals to you and hang it up on the wall to get rid of the dull and boring look.

  1. Transform Home Accents from the Flea Market

The flea market is probably the best place to find great deals on antique items which can be transformed into contemporary furniture. You can bring elegance and colour to a tired piece of furniture with lacquer in order to give it a glossy finish.

  1. Play with the lighting

Many new homes have ceiling fixtures that are inexpensive builder's basics and you can swap these for more stylish and trendy options. Invest in some new fixtures and lamps that complement the rooms’ interior. With the right lighting, you can illuminate the key areas of the room and give it a refreshing feel.

  1. Make use of mirrors

By hanging a mirror opposite a window, you can create an illusion that the room is equipped with more windows and natural light.

    10. Add some area rugs

Don't miss out on the small areas of your house which can create the initial impression about the interior decor of your entire house. You can find rugs that complement the overall theme of your rooms by choosing the one with the right colour, pattern and size. They can be placed anywhere and believe it or not, they can make a difference to the entire setting!