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7 inexpensive ways to re-decorate your living room

7 inexpensive ways to re-decorate your living room


Your living room is the area where you unwind after a long day either by watching TV, entertaining friends or just relaxing on the couch. In a space where you get to spend so much time, it is not surprising if you want some change after a while or a more refreshing look. You might be thinking that a lot of money would have to be spent on refurnishing and it will be tough to make a change on a small budget – but that is not the case. We have a few ideas where you can re-decorate your living room on a budget and still achieve a look you will love!

Embellish old lampshades

Do you have some lamps lying around that have started to look outdated and boring? All you need to do is embellish these lampshades for an updated look. Go to a craft store and buy some ready-made appliqués that are found in the scrapbooking section. You can glue them on the lampshades and create patterns you like, in an easy and inexpensive way! You can also use monograms to add a personal touch to your lamps.

Update your rugs

You don’t need to go out and buy a new rug for your living room space. If you have a plain rug lying around, you can use stencils with oil-based paints to add a bit of pattern to your rug and create an instant new look!

Make your own candlestick tray

Candlestick trays look great in an antique setting and create an aura of sophistication. But for that you don’t need to go buy one, you can create one yourself. Buy some candlesticks from a thrift store and you can glue this assortment on a vintage tray and place it on your dining room table or mantel piece.

Time to buy a fresh coat of paint

A new paint colour can really give the room a different and updated look. Why not go for more pastel colours for a modern look, or maybe something brighter to make the room pop out? If you have a plain white ceiling or plain looking bookshelves in the room, it would be a good idea to colour it up!

Add new cushions

To give your old living room couch a new look, adding some cushions can do the trick. If you have neutral coloured sofas, you can combine them with playful cushions with attractive patterns and bold colours. You can also use these cushions to create a new theme for the room such as cushions with boats on it, floral prints, or the Eiffel tower if you want a more French appeal. You can incorporate different cushions to create comfort along with a more refreshing look.


Create a photo-filled table

If you have bare tables in your living room, they don’t have to stay that way. You can place interesting snapshots or postcards on your table, cover it up with a piece of glass and create a very distinctive look!

Put up DIY artwork

Using your artistic ideas can help you create something which is not too expensive but gives a great look! How about some DIY projects that you can showcase in your living room? You can create some artwork yourself by painting old frames or vintage frames that you buy find at the flea market. You can also frame pressed leaves in antique or contemporary frames for a natural and pretty look!


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