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Top 10 essential student room design solutions

Top 10 essential student room design solutions


Another exciting part of being accepted to college and getting prepared for it involves reviewing the list of essentials you will need for your dorm room. But that list doesn't provide essential dorm room design solutions which will make your dorm room more welcoming and feel like home. Here are top 10 design solutions which will transform a basic and boring dorm room into something that is more stylish and cool through a bit of personalisation and imagination:

  1. Lighting

Many dorm rooms come equipped with basic lighting fixtures such as hideous fluorescents which tend to give you migraines. You can jazz up these unappealing lights with chic table lamps that have funky lampshades, colourful string lights and rice paper hanging lamps that can add some character and personality to your room.

  1. Rugs

You can cover those unattractive tiled floors with colourful and patterned rugs to go along with your replica furniture which can soften the ambience of your room. Any size, colour and design of rugs can bring vibrancy and playfulness to your dorm room making it more inviting for your friends.

  1. Floor Pillows

Are you looking to add more seating to your room? A simple addition of colourful and bright floor pillows to your dorm floor is the best way to go about. They are not only affordable and portable but also add energy and flair while you host a movie night or a small dinner.

  1. Metallic or Wood Pushpins

Pushpins are a basic necessity in dorm rooms around the world. You will need these to keep exam schedules, assignment deadlines and study group meetings in place on your push pin board. Even though the multicoloured plastic ones might be widely used aesthetically but replacing them with silver, gold or wooden tacks can add style and sophistication to your dorm room.

  1. Shower Curtain

Many dorm rooms are designed traditionally which present oversized windows that aren't in line with standardised-size window panels. In order to hide such interior flaws of your dorm, you can substitute them with an easier and cheaper alternative of using trendy shower curtains accompanied with a plain curtain rod.

  1. White Sticky Tack

Sticky tack commonly comes in blue but it tends to leave behind a tough residue which is hard to remove. Therefore it is safe to use white sticky tack if you are interested in hanging some artwork in order to personalise your room.

  1. Use a Printer to Print Artwork

As a student, you are on a budget to decorate your room and so finding an affordable and cost-effective alternative is the best way to go about. Most students use their printer for papers but they can also be used to print abstract artwork for your room's walls. Add life and colour to your boring walls by experimenting with multicoloured papers and iron-transferred sheets.

  1. Bud Vases

You might not be able to include state-of-the-art modern furniture and decor accessories with the limited pay that your campus job provides you with. But cheap bud vases can add beauty and liven up your surroundings. They accommodate single stemmed flowers which are a perfect solution when you feel like adding some fragrance to your room.

  1. Electronic Candles

Sometimes you might have a busy and exhausting day at college and you would like to unwind and relax in your room. However, your dorm room policy might prohibit you to use anything that requires the use of fire. In such cases, electronic tea candles are the best alternative to create a relaxing and soothing ambience.

    10. Decorative Tape

If you are looking to add some decorative and colourful borders to your posters or creating geometric shapes on your wall, you can use decorative tapes such as Fancy Tape or Wishy Washy Tape.