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3 ways to create a designer home on a budget

3 ways to create a designer home on a budget


Do you have expensive taste when it comes to interior design? If so, you're bound to be extremely house proud, ensuring each room in your home looks spick and span from top to bottom.

Of course, creating a designer home comes at a price; but don't worry because there are a number of ways in which you can create a designer-inspired living space at a fraction of the high-end price.

This doesn't mean scrimping on quality, though. Many affordable home furnishings are of the highest quality and while you might think these are rare to find, it's not as tricky as you think - all it takes is being a thrifty shopper with an eye for style.

So if you're looking to vamp up the decor in your home and save some pennies at the same time, follow these steps to creating a designer home on a budget:

Paint and wallpaper

The colour of a room can help to create an expensive feel, with warmer tones like magnolia, brown and cerise serving as perfect examples. In contrast, it's best to steer clear of stark shades like bright yellow, green and dark blue, as these can look a little garish and cold.

Tins of paint can be purchased from your nearest homeware store, many of which are reasonably priced and provide a smooth finish.

If you wish to create a feature wall in your room, you may be looking at alternative ways to do so, such as using bricks instead of paint.

A brick wall creates a cosy, homely feel, especially when it features a fireplace and is offset with rich, mahogany furnishings. The downside though, is that bricks can be pricey. One way around this is to purchase special-effect wallpaper that creates the illusion of textured bricks.

This will help you save a significant amount of cash, while giving your home a designer look.


The lighting around your home can instantly alter the overall atmosphere and feel of a room. Bright white LED lightbulbs, for example, will give off a cold, surgical vibe that can immediately make your home uninviting. Not just this, but the bright light won't complement the beauty of your furniture and instead will have an adverse effect, making it look cheap.

It is a good idea, therefore, to use lightbulbs that give off a yellow light, since this will work to make your home look warm and showcase your stunning furnishings in the most flattering manner.


The furniture you introduce to your home can help to create a high-end look. While you might love pieces created by your favourite interior designers, there's no denying that these will break the bank. Instead, look to these designers for inspiration and search for similar styles with a high-street price tag.

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