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3 ways a plant can invigorate your home

3 ways a plant can invigorate your home


The way a touch of nature can improve people’s quality of life is still often underestimated. Yet bringing the outdoors in to the home clearly stands out in this autumn’s design trends, mainly due to the wide range of decoration possibilities houseplants offer.

It is actually an easy way for urban environments to enhance biodiversity and purify the air. Plants instantly change the atmosphere and create fresh and colourful corners that help make a home feel cosier and more . Here we have a set of simple tricks for bringing greenery into the house and add life to any room.

Choosing the right houseplant

You may want to take a few things into account before incorporating an indoor plant to your home décor. Plants are supposed to bring life to your place so they should be arranged in harmony with the rest of the house.

The smaller the room, the smaller the plant –an easy trick that will save you future headaches. Large plants will take too much space whereas mid-size or small plants will give the best effect. In the same way, a small potted plant in a big room won’t have a full impact. Ideally, you will strike a balance –neither overloading your rooms nor wasting floor space.

Size of the plants aside, choosing the right place in the room makes also an enormous difference. Always prefer simple backgrounds and brightly painted walls and avoid placing greenery away from the sun, as rays of light can create beautiful shadows all over the room.


The classic potted plants

The appropriate colour of leaves and flowers may differ from one furnishing style to another. Just as exotic plants do not fit in rustic environments, bamboo is perfect for Asian architecture. In the same way, plants with curving lines are meant to be in art decor designs.

Potted plants are a great solution to give your place a real breath of fresh air. Plus, you can choose among an enormous range of plant varieties and they offer an infinite number of decoration possibilities.

What about greening your bedroom, bathroom or kitchen? Ferns are a perfect choice to freshen a minimalistic look. A tall snake plant is all you need to make the most of small corners. And don’t hesitate to gather several potted plants together. You will be able to achieve a glamorous and original style.


Keep the plants away from the floor

Plants are not only meant to be on the floor. If a unique look is all you are after, try incorporating living walls, an important trend in the plant design industry today. Air plants are extremely versatile and will add a refined look to any spot. 

Green tables can also give your interior décor a personal touch. Simply by placing a portable flowerpot in the middle of your dining table, the whole room will benefit. And to add a bit of originality, use hanging plants to bring freshness to any room. Make sure the plants that are hanging from the ceiling show all their beauty and use them as a nice space divider.

Besides the amount of possible decorations nature indoors gives us, it is also good for feng shui. According to Chinese philosophy, decorating with plants will balance the energy of your home and fill any lonely space with life. Don’t be afraid of letting your imagination run wild –as the saying goes, there is no accounting for taste.