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What these 3 home design styles say about you

What these 3 home design styles say about you


Whether you're an interior design whizz or simply know what you like when it comes to furniture and style, there are a number of ways in which you can inject your personality into your home decor.

While your friends might say you're slightly reserved or hard to read, that's not to say you can't express yourself in other ways, be it through your dress sense, hairstyle, type of car you drive, and even through your furniture choices.

That's right; the furniture in your home can reveal a lot about your personality. So what does yours say about you?


If you're a lover of vintage style furniture, your home is probably adorned in rich, luxurious pieces in deep shades like burgundy, aubergine and mahogany. Intricacy, precision and attention to detail is a huge aspect of vintage furniture, with carved wooden tables and gold finishes proving extremely popular.

So what does a vintage taste say about you?

Vintage style homes typically create an elaborate and formal feel, but this doesn't mean being pretentious. Rather, you're likely to be a very practical person who enjoys structure in your life. Capturing special moments in time means a lot to you and your home boasts a deep sentimental value that you are proud to show off to your friends.  


Modern, or contemporary, furniture is sleek, clean and usually simple, conveying a fuss-free approach to interior design. Chrome, glass, metal and leather are common materials used in modern furnishings and help to make a room look stylish, retro and chic.

So what does a modern taste say about you?

If this sounds like the style of your home, you probably live by the less is more mantra, finding enjoyment from the simpler things in life. Not just this, but you will love to stay on top of the latest fashions and are viewed as the trendy one among your circle of friends.


An eclectic interior design taste involves incorporating aspects of different eras and furniture styles into one room. This involves contrasting the old with the new, and playing around with various fabrics, textures, prints and shades to find the right balance.

While traditional furniture is typically positioned next to more contemporary designs, this look can really come together and create a beautiful and unique collaboration.

So what does an eclectic taste say about you?

You're a leader who prefers to create and set your own trends, rather than conforming to conventional rules. In other words, you are a trendsetter who takes a broad and diverse approach to life.

It's important to remember though, that when it comes to furniture style there is no right or wrong. You can express yourself however you wish.

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