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5 creative tips for making the most of small apartments

5 creative tips for making the most of small apartments


Not everybody can afford a large property, so most of us need to learn how to survive in small apartments. Sofas that don’t fit, tonnes of clothes that we don’t know where to keep and the lack of room for a home office are just three of an endless number of headaches limited space can cause. These days are finally over. 

As long as basic needs are covered, interior design can help us make a tiny apartment look more appealing and even make it feel larger. But how does it all work? Keep reading to discover smart solutions to get more out of little spots in your house.

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Create zones for multipurpose rooms

Tired of not having a room for everything? Forget about it and think about the never-ending benefits of creating separate zones for the several activities you do in a space. By placing physical partitions, the room will immediately get an illusion of largeness.

But don’t forget that this is all just in fact an optical illusion. Make sure to only choose functional furnishings and decorative pieces and to take advantage of transportable furniture. This will help you give a single object more than one utility.

Use convertible furniture

Living in a small flat often means putting an extra effort to arrange all your furnishings wisely. That is why convertible furniture may seem a preferred solution in order to make a better use of little spots and avoid filling every single inch of your room.

Among the most common transformable pieces of furniture are sofa beds and wall beds. This design solution is especially useful for those without a guest bedroom. They can be found in many sizes and styles and they are becoming more and more comfortable than they were in the past.

Multi-purpose tables will also save you a lot of space. Can you imagine a console that doubles as a dining table? Or even a coffee table that can also be used as an office desk? And best of all, they also come in different shapes and materials so they can easily fit into your home’s décor.

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Go for tailored storage

Customize your storage to your real needs. Think properly what you will need to keep in boxes before buying organising supplies. This is the only way to make the most of your space. You will not have empty drawers and neither will your personal objects be all over the place.

In the kitchen for instance, remember the magic of fridge magnets to keep notes or hanging post-its inside of the cupboards doors. Keep this in mind mainly as well when designing your home office. Consider using a wall file system to keep all your documents organised. You will be in fact saving space and, at the same time, you will never lose an important file again.

Think vertically

They say every room has eight corners. It may seem obvious but people keep forgetting it when it comes to decorating their home. It is time now to give that wasted space close to the ceiling a chance.

Install your bookcases and light-coloured cabinets on the top of furniture or hang them from the ceiling. Thinking vertically also makes a space feel more expansive when there is enough room for art. Beautiful, tall pieces will draw the eye up. 

And here comes your stroke of luck. Not only are wallpapers one of the main décor trends nowadays, but they also can be useful when creating the illusion of width. Just remember to use tone-on-tone papers –contrasts won’t help you forget the length of the space.

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Ensure visual continuity and light

Last but not least, you can also trick your eye by using mirrors and glass strategically to maximise light. Indeed, glass tables, mirrors on the wall or glass art will create reflections that will give an impression of expansiveness.

Ideally, window coverings should hang from the ceiling and not obscure the light when they are open. That goes for the bathroom as well. Clear glass shower doors won’t cause visual obstructions and your tiny little room will feel more spacious than ever.