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3 ways to make your hallway look bigger and brighter

3 ways to make your hallway look bigger and brighter


There's nothing better than returning home after a busy day and relaxing in your own space, which is why many people enjoy designing their home to a high standard. This means taking care and precision over every detail inside a room.

But while we make an effort to ensure each room is beautifully designed and decorated, there are aspects of our home that can be left forgotten. Hallways, for example, can often look plain and dull, with many homeowners simply focusing on the rooms leading off from them.

In fact, a hallway is actually the first area of your home that you or your guests will see upon entering. It is important, therefore, to make it look visually appealing and homely.

If your hallway is small and narrow, there are many ways in which you can make it look bigger and brighter. Here are a few ideas:

A splash of colour

The easiest way to brighten your hallway is to add a lick of paint. Dark shades can make narrow spaces look even smaller, so it is best to use lighter colours.

Pastel shades like mint green, cream and pale yellow can instantly transform your hallway into one that looks significantly larger.

If you would prefer to stick to wall shades like beige or light grey, you could add a bold feature colour to the back of your door. Turquoise or aubergine will make your hallway pop and automatically appear a little wider, as well as contrasting beautifully against the lighter walls.

Wall decorations

Make your hallway interesting by adding a wall gallery on one side. While you may think this will make the space look smaller, decorating just one side will actually create the illusion of a bigger hallway.

Mix and match frame designs and sizes so the space doesn't appear too rigid and structured. For example, place a small gold frame at the top of the wall and a larger silver one at a diagonal underneath. You could even position some frames landscape and others portrait.

You don't just have to use family photos either; scenic images or a quote from your favourite book add variety and will make your hallway stand out.

Why not include a few mirrors among the photos? This will help to balance your wall gallery and make your hallway appear wider at the same time.

Fabulous flooring

Wood or laminate flooring looks chic and stylish in a hallway. White-wash floors adhere to a contemporary design style and will immediately brighten the space. This is particularly useful for narrow hallways, helping them to appear larger.

Another way to create the illusion of a bigger space is to include a runner along the length of your hallway. Runners adorned in horizontal or vertical stripes are great for creating an enhanced feel, as well as mirroring a modern-retro look.

If you have space, add a small armchair at the end of your hallway. This will help to make it look more homely. Why not decorate it with a cushion? Here at Space and Space we have a range of designer cushions, each boasting a unique and picturesque pattern or print. You can view the full collection here

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