How to make your office feel like home

September 11, 2015


Interior design is incredibly important when it comes to creating the ideal office environment to squeeze productivity and strengthen collaboration between employees. Grey, depressing spaces are definitely not the best context in which to work. However, through a thoughtful, planned, spatial organisation, not only will any workspace get the optimal look to maximise efficiency, but workers will also adopt a more positive attitude towards the job. 

Collaborative spaces and breakout areas

Open-concept workspaces are the new dominating office-design trend. Some of the world’s largest high-tech corporations in Silicon Valley have already benefited from life outside the cubicle. Greater interaction, knowledge sharing, sense of community and real estate savings are among the many competitive advantages of an open-plan office. In fact, spontaneous conversations and brainstorming are more likely to occur in partitionless areas. 

Before redesigning the office environment, the company has to determine how much space it will need. Google Inc. has set a good example when it comes to creating breakout spaces. Eating spots and game rooms separated from the working area will positively impact on the company’s overall performance, as employees will find them as a place to relax and bond with their peers.

Functional, stylish wooden furniture

The Rustic Chic look is still mainstream. The organic furniture movement prevailing nowadays takes advantage of the durability of wooden constructions to form endless combinations of office decoration. Paired with metals, dark woods are the new black among multinational companies, but some design gurus suggest the use of white furniture instead to achieve an effortless yet unique look.

The combination of function and style when choosing furniture is essential. Comfort needs to be taken into account as well in order that the desks and chairs feel as good as they look. The modern way of working often means spending long hours in front of computer screens and this is something a company needs to bear in mind. Ergonomic furniture seems to be a popular choice that cares for employees’ health and helps them stay active at the same time.

Nature indoors

There is something about bringing greenery inside the office that enhances well-being, and living walls and potted plants are now becoming a major trend. This is because green environments connect with human’s natural instincts and help employees, clients and visitors feel welcome. Moreover, greenery in the workplace purifies the air and can also increase staff productivity and concentration. The same goes for natural lighting since studies reveal that sunlight's health benefits include the mental and visual stimulation necessary to improve occupant performance and comfort. Similar to houseplants, daylighting can fight stress and boost your mood naturally thanks to its efficacy in encouraging us to produce vitamin D and treating seasonal depression.

Warm colour palette

For this season, we suggest soft colours with subtle warm. Nature-inspired wall colours and textures are currently in demand with the aim of achieving homelike spaces. Indeed, the colour on the walls plays an important role in our mood and our work, so choosing the perfect shade is something your company would like to invest time in. 

According to a recent colour psychology research, white and grey walls are not a good choice in your workplace, and neither are yellow rooms. On the other hand, blue and green palettes will have a positive effect on the company’s job performance. Their calming effect will promote efficiency and creativity.

Personalising the office

Based on the “less is more” concept, a common aphorism adopted by the great designer Mies van der Rohe, minimalism continues to dominate the current office-design trends. However, allowing employees personalise their own workspace and buying them comfortable cushions will help create a warm homely working environment. Setting up the aforementioned breakout spaces, multipurpose chairs around a dining table and soft furnishings are a must-have. Relaxation areas should be an inspiring place, so it is important to differentiate them from other office spaces, for instance by painting their walls a unique and stimulating colour.

A thoughtful office design also includes adding personality. It may be a good idea to hang motivational posters in the office and decorate the space so as to create an ideal environment to spend time in while ensuring that the workplace truly works for everyone. Having the company’s logo affixed to the office walls and doors is also a good opportunity to make employees develop a strong sense of belonging.

All in all, furnishing an office with style will have a positive impact on the firm’s performance as long as functionality and optimisation are being considered. Putting an end to the traditional hieratical office structures is only the beginning. Think of providing the office with greenery, warm colours and wood and metal furniture to keep your employees happy and working at the same time. Consider adding a personal touch to make it easier for them to come to work. Make your office feel like home. 



    Alba Mora

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