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3 smart tips to furnish your garden with style

3 smart tips to furnish your garden with style


When it comes to decorating your garden with furniture, the options are endless. One thing is clear though –gardens should be as comfortable and chic as the rooms inside. If you still feel lost, this is the time to stop worrying. Here we have some great ideas to create the ornamented and furnished landscape you have been dreaming all your life.

Choosing the right furnishings

First of all, you need to choose the style of your garden. Copying your home’s style is the easiest and most efficient way to go. Don’t forget a harmonised house will definitely bring positivity and happiness to your life. You should also keep in mind that the tables and chairs you select will definitely have a huge impact on the overall look, so choosing the right ones is going to make a real difference.

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The most popular choices are rattan and comfortable upholstered armchairs and sofas, since they excel at giving the garden a refined, chic style. However, metal and glass furniture is becoming more and more popular, and stone is a preferred option for those seeking a classic look. To get an informal style, recycled crates are an inexpensive, cool solution.

Whichever you choose, just remember to buy furnishings suited for the outdoors or treat them with weatherproof stain. Otherwise, you will see your money going to waste. Check out ours!

Decoration is everything

Your furnished backyard will not be completed without a personal touch. The right ornaments will add personality and uniqueness to your garden so you will feel you are actually living in your home and not in a cold Hollywood film set.

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Iron pendant lights or a pretty candle chandelier are a must-have for romantic settings lovers. Both pretty and practical, these lanterns will give your outdoor room a lovely, intimate look. Whether hanged from a tree or placed on a table, it is up to you.

Garden furniture will never feel as comfortable and elegant without the right choice of cushions. Our store is plenty of beautiful ideas that will give your outdoor space the cosiness is screaming for. You can also complete the look with comfy blankets.

Getting the finished touch

A pretty hammock chair, a swinging seat bench or a hanging lounge chair will take your garden to a whole new level. An umbrella will also give you a polished look –choose white to match your monochromatic palette or go for a colourful one to add a little bit of fun and exoticness.

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Plants obviously are an essential aspect of every home garden. Use them to add colour and fragrance to your outdoor room as well by choosing scented plants and beautiful coloured ceramic pots. Finish your cosy outdoor look with an elegant concrete fire bowl that would bring light and warm to those cold nights outside.