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Rockabilly Vibes: Making the 1950s modern

Rockabilly Vibes: Making the 1950s modern


We are always taking inspiration from past decades when it comes to creating new trends.

Fashion always takes this and that from different eras, with certain styles constantly being reinvented. Interior design is just the same, which means that some modern rooms can feel like taking a step back in time.

For many people, this is great news, as it means they can design their home around one of their favourite time periods while still being totally on-trend. In fact, many people have started doing just this with one decade in particular.

The 1950s are an iconic era in history, with mid-century styles and fashions being the main inspiration behind today's rockabilly trend. Usually characterised by large full circle skirts, layered petticoats, pastel shades and beautiful victory roll hairstyles, this era is one that is loved by many.

But you don't just have to settle for filling your wardrobe with rockabilly vibes, as mid-century homes are also a great way to explore your love of the 1950s. In fact, they are also very in right now and look set to be fashionable for a while to come.  

So how do you get this look?

Open everything up

Open plan is a big part of the mid-century home, with this modern layout being a popular choice throughout the period. Try and make your house as bright and open as possible to create a flow from one room to the next.

If you want to really embrace this, you can see what your options are for removing connecting walls - you should seek professional advice first - or for adding in curved archways to lead from one room to the next.

Adding a common theme to each room can help create a great sense of flow throughout your house. This can be your flooring, which can make rooms seem larger if you use the same carpet, wood or tiles across all rooms.

Alternatively, choosing one colour to feature as an accent in each room will do the same job but in a more subtle way.

Go bright and bold with colours

There are a lot of options when it comes to colours for your rockabilly home, with ice cream shades of pink, green, yellow and blue being popular choices. These should be pastels but still quite bright to create a colourful home.

You can also use even bolder colours like reds and oranges, which were also popular throughout the time period. These can be contrasted against furniture and accessories in shades like turquoise, which creates a really effective look.

Whatever colours you choose, stick to a certain theme within each room as this will result in a sense of cohesion and ensure that there isn't too much going on.

Abstract patterns

As well as bold colours, abstract patterns are a must. This means wallpaper and any fabrics throughout your home. This doesn't mean just standard prints, as you can go a bit more unusual with things like flamingos adorning your walls.

Experiment with matching colours and patterns - choosing softer shades as your patterns become more intricate - in order to create a home that is totally inspired by the 1950s.

Curved and comfortable furniture

When it comes to furniture, think old American diners, formica and curved shapes. Your furniture should be part of the flow you create from room to room, so rounded edges and designs that look good while still being functional and comfortable are a must.

Pieces like the Swan Chair are great examples of this look, as they were originally designed in this era and embody simple design and function to create a stylish and timeless item of furniture. The chair has only curved edges, which make it comfortable to sit in and the ideal addition to your rockabilly home.



Smaller items of furniture should also follow the same design, with side tables and lamps also being curved and attractive. 

Following these rules and adding a touch of kitsch fun through your accessories with create the perfect rockabilly home that you can be proud of.

Image Credits: iStock