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5 easy ways to introduce patterns to any room

5 easy ways to introduce patterns to any room


If you're looking for a quick and easy way to update the design of your home or to add a splash of colour, you don't need to look any further than patterns.

Patterns are a great way to introduce texture, colour and contrast to your home, which can instantly add visual interest to any room. They can work within fabrics, flooring and wallpaper, as well as throughout furniture and accessories.

You'll find that patterns are generally easy to use too, although there are a few ways you can get the best results. Before you rush out to fill your home with an array of attractive patterns, have a look at how we recommend you go about it:

Decide on your colours

While you can mix and match different shades together, it is best to have a specific colour palette in mind before you try introducing different patterns to a room. Start by working with one or two main colours that are both in the cool or warm side of the spectrum.

These will serve as your accent colours that add the main bulk of pattern to your room. They should work together in a way that still creates contrast to keep things interesting.

If a pattern you pick out uses these two shades and another colour, you can start experimenting by adding accents in the third shade to make your design even more interesting - such as turquoise working well with pink and cream. Stick to small amounts of this tone in simple patterns or block colours for the best results.

Make use of neutral shades

Patterns work best when combined with a neutral backdrop that allows them to pop. This means using a good neutral colour throughout the majority of your room as this will highlight your patterns and colours that appear in key pieces.

This also means you can get away with combining different types of patterns - such as floral with stripes - as they don't have to contend with a brightly coloured, statement room. In this way, you're able to experiment more with pattern types as well as colour.

Combine both big and small prints

As well as the type of patterns you choose, you should also look at ways to combine different sizes of print throughout a single room. Even if you are sticking to the one pattern, mixing in pieces that feature it in different sizes will keep it fresh and interesting.

This creates the idea of complex details without you having to go for complicated patterns. It is a good idea to keep the colour palette the same when using various different sized prints, as this stops your home from becoming too busy.

Choose one piece as inspiration

If you don't know what pattern you want to use in a room, take inspiration from a wallhanging or a piece of art that you love. This will serve as the focal point in the room, with patterns that feature throughout your furniture, textiles and accessories all taking their cues from it.

This can simplify the process of determining which print to use a lot easier and stop you from getting lost in the world of different fabrics. Just be sure that all colours and patterns you choose complement your focal point, as this ensures balance throughout your room.

Don't be afraid of block colours

Combining block colours in small doses with patterns can be incredibly effective. Adding a single chair in a statement shade that ties in with the prints you have selected can look really good, especially if you dress it with a throw or cushions that feature your pattern.

In fact, a hit of block colour can help tie everything together and help you avoid relying on too many patterned pieces. It will highlight the rest of your room and create a cohesion that is attractive and modern.

If you follow these steps and have fun with patterns, we're sure you'll create a room you love.

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