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5 seasonal tips to prepare your home for autumn

5 seasonal tips to prepare your home for autumn


The autumn season has officially started. That means it is time to take your summer clothes out of the closet and replace them with jackets, kerchiefs, boots and wellies. With days getting shorter and nights getting colder, your house will also need a serious decluttering session so as to get ready for the upcoming months. Autumn house maintenance tips aside, let’s beat the chill with these 5 ways of preparing a warm and cosy home. 

Add earth tone colours to your décor

To be ready for the new season, your home will need a total transformation. These changes, both big and small, will make your place feel like a breath of fresh autumn air. In that sense, colours really make a huge difference.

Leave the vibrant spring and summer colours behind and replace them with pastel tones to create a cosier atmosphere. You can also incorporate reds, browns and oranges colours into your living room and bedroom decoration.

Help yourself transition into the new season also by adding fall colours to the exterior of your home. Early autumn is, in fact, a great time to paint your exterior walls as well as your doors and frames. Let’s give your home a refreshing new life before the winter comes.

Autumn decoration

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Ready your home for the cold weather

The arrival of autumn means a drop in temperatures. It is time to bring the fall-coloured pillows and blankets out to create a cosy sitting area in your living room. It is also time to get thick duvets back so as not to freeze at nights. To complete the look and keep the warmth inside, bring rust-coloured carpets and curtains to your décor.

Burning logs in your fireplace will add a cosy autumn touch to your home as well. Or, instead, you can get warm with a vintage iron radiator while adding a stylish look to your flat at the same time. It is important that it is placed away from the furniture, so as to allow the warmth circulate better.

Display fall themes ornaments

Decoration is the key of welcoming the autumn season properly. You can start by incorporating artwork featuring nature themes with vivid oranges, yellows and reds. Complete the fall look with fancy chalkboards with inspiring quotes and designs and a cute autumn wreath at your front door.

Creating table centrepieces is also a good way to welcome the new season. Try by filling glass jars and silverware with seasonal coloured items such as dried leaves and beans, pinecones and split peas. Get the final touch by bringing fall aromas to your home décor. Candles, incense and cinnamon sticks will help you create the perfect autumn atmosphere.

Autumn decoration

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Light up your home

Use candles as well to illuminate the shorter days and the longer nights to come. Cute lamps and chandeliers will also help you create a cosy setting and will bring autumn to the interior of your home.

Likewise, you may want to illuminate your garden with beautiful candles too, now that the sun stars to set earlier. Incorporate elegant outdoor lanterns to brighten your yard’s walkways, steps and fences as well.

Create a colourful autumn garden

The next step in preparing your garden for autumn is removing leaves from downspouts and checking loose branches. It is also time now to bring non-hardy plants indoors and replace them with frost resistant plants, for instance winter jasmine or Oregon grape.

And lastly, your front porch also needs a fall-inspired new look. Clean the summer garden furniture and keep it for the future. Instead, reinvent the space with weatherproof furnishings and a swinging seat bench with autumn-coloured cushions. Decorate the porch columns and entry with orange or brown ribbons and you will get the finished touch.