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4 original decorative ideas for book lovers

4 original decorative ideas for book lovers


The world is divided into those who love reading and those who pretend to like reading. What most of them have in common is a shared passion to accumulate copies of novels, trilogies and encyclopaedias. Whether you find yourself among those who like to show their big library off or you genuinely love to read while relaxing on a sofa, this blog post is for you. Keep reading to find out 4 creative ways of incorporating your books into your home décor. 

Incorporate your books into your colour scheme

Like in any other aspect of your home decoration, colour matters. There are infinite possibilities when it comes to playing with chromaticity and books. A simple way of making your bookshelves more attractive is by coordinating the colour of your volumes with your room palette. It is especially recommended if you don’t have many books at home. However, if this is not your case and you have them in all kinds of colours, try to arrange them by shade. A rainbow hue or a gradual effect will give your room a touch of originality.

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Using a limited colour palette to match the elegant, modern style of your living room is also a good idea. To get the monochromatic effect, wrap your books up with uniform paper. You will see how your books become your new favourite decorative items in your all-white décor.

When it comes to colour, painting your bookcases is another possibility. To match your furniture with the rest of the decoration, paint them and the room walls the same colour. But if you wish to get a dramatic effect, colour the interior of your bookcase one or two shades deeper than the walls.

Get creative with your books’ position 

Bookshelves can also be a source of creativity for your home décor. Break the classic rows monotony by lining your books vertically and horizontally. Arrange your books by size and create symmetry to give your room a sense of balance. These little tricks will help you achieve a visually interesting look and will grab all your guests’ attention.

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Everybody has dreamt of having floor-to-ceiling bookshelves filled with hundreds of books at least once. If you have a large collection and space at home, choose the classic library style and add a touch of chicness with a cute ladder to access high shelves.

But if you prefer a modern, creative style, low cabinets should be your choice. You can make the most of the empty space above the cabinets and turn it into a nice art display.

Don’t be afraid of unconventional furniture 

Especially suggested to those who pretend to like books, use the copies you will never read as decorative items. Turn a boring coffee table to a beautiful piece of furniture with a pile of books placed strategically to get a stylish look. A cleaner option is to put your books, a candle and a flower arrangement in a tray. The combination possibilities are endless.

Stack a few books on the floor to get an original side table or nightstand. To complete the look, place an elegant lamp above. Another possibility is to turn your books into four legs for a unique coffee table or place them in a non-working fireplace to get a cosy atmosphere.

You can also get an original look with unconventionally shaped bookcases. Unusual bookshelves will add movement and personality to any room. Consider glass doors to create a delicate and neat style.

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Combine books with storage and artwork

If you don’t want to saturate your shelves with books, leave some empty space for other decorative pieces. A good idea is adding pretty boxes. Not only will they break monotony, but they will also be useful to storage your personal belongings that you want to keep out of sight.

Add a little touch of elegancy and personality by placing other decorative items among your books and boxes, such as clocks, photo frames, candles and little mirrors. Take the overall style of your home into account when choosing colours and sizes and you will get a harmonic, stylish result.