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5 ways to make your new house feel cosy

5 ways to make your new house feel cosy


After years of saving and hard work, your dream of having your own place has finally come true. The days of sharing accommodation with noisy flatmates are over and you never need to worry about someone else’s dirty dishes again.

However, your first days at your new house may feel a little weird. You’re not used to it yet, there are unopened moving boxes all over and you don’t remember the exact height of your bedroom’s switch in the dark. This blog gives you 5 smart tips to speed up your adaptation process and make you feel at home.

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Create a comfy atmosphere

In order to get a more welcoming home, surround yourself with soft layers and accessories. Bring lots of pillows, blankets and throws to your living room and your bedroom and your couches and beds will instantly feel cosier.

Though it may sound obvious, making your bed will help setting a homely new place. A warm bed with clean sheets and pillows is the first step for a cosy house. You can even add a touch of personality by playing with different colours and textures.

And don’t forget to hang up curtains that match your overall decoration. Naked windows will not look pretty and definitely won’t help you feel welcome in your own home.

Warm your house with light

Lighting your new home is also a very important step to bear in mind. It is actually one of the easiest ways to create a warm ambience to relax in. You can read our post on how to choose the right lamp to get some ideas.

Forget your overhead lighting and add multiple lamps in each room to make them more inviting. For instance, you can place pretty lamps on your bedroom’s bedside tables and buy pendant lamps for your living room. Hang string lights is also a cute idea to increase the comfy affect of any space.

If you’re among the lucky ones and have a working fireplace, light a fire now that the cold days are coming. Nothing will make you feel warmer.

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Paint the walls

If you’re still wondering why your new place doesn’t feel like home quite yet, it’s probably because your walls desperately need a makeover. You can paint the entire house or choose one or two rooms so as to make the space homely enough.

If you’re not allowed to paint the walls, don’t worry. Removal wallpapers were designed for this kind of situation. You can even get creative and buy vinyl wall stickers to create an accent wall and add a personal touch.

Though warm colours are the best for creating an inviting comfortable space, you can intensify the welcoming feeling by having a darker wall. Colours such as chocolate brown, cobalt yellow or electric violet are an interesting way to create a dramatic yet cosy effect.

Bring nature inside

As discussed on previous posts, plants can add life to any space. Living walls and potted plants not only purify the air but will also help you create a comfy home. Just remember to choose the right one -the smaller the room, the smaller the plant should be so that it doesn’t take up too much space. 

Fresh flowers will also bring a welcoming atmosphere to your new home. It’s time to benefit from the calming and delicate nature of flower bouquets as well as from their ability to add a touch of sophistication to your already stylish look.

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Display things you love

And finally, the last and probably most important step for creating a comfortable home is to display the things you love as decoration. Personalising your new space with family photos or pictures from your last trip with your friends will instantly create a welcoming atmosphere and will help feel more at home.

You can also hang up your favourite artwork to make your new place feel homey, though some interior designers advise otherwise and prefer you to wait a little bit until you have decided where to display your art pieces.

More importantly, recreate familiar sights and smells. Light some candles to remind you of your last place and unpack your personal things, such as books, mugs or decorative items, so you won’t feel like a foreigner in your own home.