Quiz: What colour suits your home best?

October 12, 2015


When decorating your home, colours shouldn’t be randomly used. Danish furniture designer Verner Panton once referred to their influence on our life and our momentary mood as being incredibly important in generating either a cheerful or a depressed atmosphere. Indeed, bearing the psychological effects of colour in mind will make a huge difference in your home decoration.

In broad strokes, orange and red tones are stimulating colours, mainly used to create warmth and encourage activity. Yellows can give you the same effect -light ones being particularly popular for bringing softness to the interior while bright ones are better at boosting people’s mood.

The so-called “cold colours” can provide calmness and serenity. Shades of green and blue will also create a welcoming feeling and a sense of freshness to your space. Being a combination of red and blue, purple interiors are ideal for achieving a balance between tranquillity and comfort. It is known for encouraging creativity as well.

And as for neutral colours, white is the colour of purity and cleanliness, while black is great for making an elegant, luxurious statement. Browns are preferred in common and family areas, but use grey tones only in spaces like bathrooms or home offices -never in dining rooms.

Here, a fun quiz to discover what colour matches your personality. Let us know your results! 


Alba Mora

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