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How to prepare your home for guests

How to prepare your home for guests


While it is important to ensure your home is kept in pristine condition so that it is more enjoyable to live in, it is equally important to make sure you keep it in tip-top condition for when your guests come to stay.

Inviting your friends and family into your home and playing host is a fun, heartwarming occasion and so naturally, you will want to give your guests the most pleasant experience possible. After all, there's nothing worse than entering somebody's home and feeling like you have to tread carefully around.

Making your guests feel at home is key, but this means you must make an effort to tailor your living space in a way that will suit their needs, as well as yours - the first place being your spare bedroom.

If your friends or family are coming to stay for a few days or a long weekend, here are a few ways to prepare your guest room for their visit:

Lay out towels and toiletries

While you will have plenty of towels and toiletries in your bathroom, your guests may feel a little uncomfortable having to ask to use them in fear of being a burden in your home. It is a good idea, therefore, to lay out a selection of mini toiletries, along with both a body and hand towel, on the bed in your guest room before they arrive.

This way, your visitors will know that you have taken their comfort needs into consideration and that the towels and toiletries are for their own personal use.

Provide storage space

If your guests are staying for more than just one night, it's likely they will want to unpack their bags and fold or hang some of their belongings. You should, therefore, provide them with some storage space.

One useful idea is to fit a small wardrobe into your guest room and keep it empty, except for a few clothes hangers. This will give your guests the option to hang their clothes and store their shoes.

Another way to give your guests storage space is by fitting a small bedside cabinet that comes complete with drawers. Keep these empty, so your visitors can use them to place their personal belongings.

Not only will this make your guests feel more comfortable, it will also help to keep your guest room tidy.

Add a splash of colour

Make your guestroom look bright and cheery to enhance its visual appeal. You can do this through the use of colour. Why not paint one of the walls in a bright, pastel shade like cornflower blue or lilac? Or keep the walls white, but introduce colour through the bedspread and furnishings?

Adding colour will make your guestroom pop and look more inviting to your guests. You could even add a vase of fresh flowers to the windowsill in time for their arrival. This will add a splash of colour, as well as make the room smell fragrant.

Offer light reading

Of course, you will entertain your guests for the majority of their stay, but it is important to remember to also give them their own space. This means that there may be afternoons or evenings where they will want to retreat to their room and have a couple of hours to themselves.

A nice touch would be to provide them with some light reading. Place a selection of books and magazines that you know they will enjoy on the bedside table in their room. Not only will this keep them entertained, it will also show your visitor just how thoughtful you are.