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How to make the all-white home look right

How to make the all-white home look right


Yes, we all agree that all-white decoration is a classic and always will be. Its simplicity, elegance and cleanliness will never be out of fashion. Who doesn’t dream of waking up to a Scandinavian-inspired house? However, thought it may not always seem like it, minimalist and white-living styles are not so easy to achieve. In this post, we’ll show you a few tips to help you get the wow-effect with a fresh yet warm white home décor.

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Choose the best shade of white

White is indeed a colour. That means you can choose from a wide range of shades, which can produce a vast variety of effects depending on the level of light the colour is exposed to. So knowing which undertones you want to get will make an enormous difference.

It is important to bear in mind that not all whites match. This little tip is especially relevant if you opt for layering different white tones. Incorrectly matching the shades will make the whole room look horrendous while finding the right blend –three or more different tones– will give you a fresh, neat atmosphere.

Layering different shades of white will also provide your room with a touch of warmth, in particular those whites with a hint of yellow or pink. Choose tones with blue-ish tints to get the opposite effect. The easiest trick: have a look at the colours of your home decoration and go for the shade of white with a hint of the same colour.

Play with bright and pastel colours

Though it may sound contradictory, total white looks are perfect at introducing a little bit of colour to your home decoration. In white rooms, bright colours look brighter and can be used as contrasts to prevent your monochromatic style from looking flat and boring. Pastels are also a good match with white looks, especially pink, blue and green.

Choosing just one extra colour besides white is actually growing in popularity these days and can give you the finished touch your home is screaming for. Adding a little bit of colour is actually not that hard. You just need to be careful and not overfill your rooms with bold colours. You don’t want your all-white decoration to look like a rainbow.

Moreover, white interiors are a good choice if you like to change your decoration from season to season. Their versatility allows you to get a fall-coloured look with loads of reds, oranges and browns, while allowing you at the same time to have a refreshing, colourful style in spring.

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Warm the white room up

People tend to think of white as cold, but that’s because they usually ignore how easy is to turn it into the warmest colour. Consider introducing wood furnishings to your home décor and your rooms will immediately feel cosier and more welcoming.

Fluffy cushions and throws can also help you warm up the all-white look. As stated above, decorating your rooms for every season is a good way to keep the monotony away. So let’s begin with basic accessories such as pillows and carpets. Bring the pastel-coloured ones for summer and use the Christmassy ones for winter.

Make a style statement by displaying a gallery wall in your white living room as the centre of attention. Not only will your room look even chicer, but it will also magically create a personal atmosphere that will make you feel comfier. Isn’t that what we all want?

Create depth with texture

Texture is another interesting way of adding sense of depth to your white rooms. But you need to do it right or not at all. Layer objects with thick, rough or other textures and combine them with a wide range of prints and patterns. Monochromatic rooms don’t look as boring if done wisely.

Mixing layers of white on white also means bearing the architecture in mind. Avoid a plain decoration by taking advantage of the variety of textures the structure of your home offers. White-painted bricks are a must for urban style lovers and black-and-white striped wallpapers are perfect for adding a touch of modern glamour.

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Go for natural light and reflective surfaces

Your all-white decoration could use a little of extra help when it comes to lighting. Always choose natural light over artificial lighting. All your home surfaces and textures will look a thousand times better illuminated by the sunlight. If you live in England, we feel you. There are bulbs that can get you a similar effect for those everlasting rainy days.

Transparent and reflective surfaces will help you make the most of your white-on-white decoration. Place mirrors all over your house and opt for crystal walls when possible to create the illusion of more space. Finish the all-white look with metal details and invite your friends over. They will never leave your house again.

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