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5 ideas to create a cosy open-plan apartment

5 ideas to create a cosy open-plan apartment


Living in a loft apartment is many people’s dream. Today, open floor plans are more popular than ever and this could be attributed to their many healthy advantages, including the ability to increase communication and allow natural light in.

However, sometimes, spacious flats might feel too spacious and not really intimate. Here are five ways to face open-plan flats’ challenges and achieve a stylish, comfortable look. 

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Create the perfect union

Forming the perfect open-plan apartment is all about using the same style in all the rooms. Make sure to create a cohesive decoration as a mix of different textures, colour palettes and types of furnishings will make your space look too overwhelming.

The easiest way to achieve a unifying look is opting for neutral or soft shades. Still, if you prefer brighter colours for your walls, furniture and flooring, just bear in mind to use the same colour scheme in all areas.

Define zones with room dividers 

Even the most unified loft apartment won’t work if the functional aspect is not taken into account. To avoid an unwelcoming home, create zones simply by placing furnishings and storage cabinets to break the large area up.

A stylish L-shaped sofa is ideal for separating the living and dining areas and a floor-to-ceiling bookcase will serve as a perfect divider between your home office and the common areas. Console tables can also be very helpful when defining zones and bamboo dividers and curtains work well for creating an intimate bedroom.

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Let the light come in

The brighter the spacious areas are, the better they look. That’s a fact. To get an illuminated space, let the sunlight come through the window and buy mirrors and translucent screens as room dividers to evenly distribute the light.

Interior windows are a great idea to stylishly isolate your workspace in your open-plan home without giving up a luminous area. See-through shelves can also work for the same purpose.

Add cosiness with focal points

Your open-plan apartment definitely needs focal points as they can easily create relaxing spots in your home. Each zone should have at least one so they actually feel like independent areas.

For instance, try to incorporate a warming centrepiece to your coffee table in your living room and the area will immediately feel homey. Hanging a chandelier over the dining table is another great idea to get that finished lived-in look. Accent walls and tall potted plants are good at drawing the eye up so they can work as focal points as well.

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Warm the area up with statement artwork and stylish homeware

Lastly, all houses need a touch of personality and open-plan apartments are no exception. Hang oversized artwork on the walls and display your favourite decorative items on a console table to make your home feel like home.

Get the aforementioned sense of unity also by using decorative cushions and other pieces of homeware with the same colour scheme all around the house. You’ll get that unique look your open floor plan is screaming for.