4 ways to use light in your home this winter

October 20, 2015


The winter season brings with it a lot of changes, including cold and wet weather. It also means much darker days and nights, which you may think is a bad thing, but actually allows you to make the most of synthetic light in your home.

The fact that the evenings draw in much earlier throughout winter means that you can make a statement of how you use light. Not only will this help to brighten your home, it can also change how it looks and feels during the season.

Here are some great ways you can use light as a design feature this winter:

Create different colours

Who said you need to use typically white light in your home? While this may be the norm, there are ways to create coloured light that can totally transform your space.

Coloured light can add a sultry element to neutral rooms, introducing a bold shade - such as blue or red - and making the most of the simple backdrop. While the light won't be as bright, it will certainly make a statement and ensure the space stands out.

You can achieve this look through using coloured bulbs, which will cast your coloured light perfectly. These can be used throughout lamps and your normal room lights, meaning you can opt for all the same colour or mix and match shades to create a light pattern.


Alternatively, you can drape a scarf over a lamp to create a coloured light, although it is important you don't allow the scarf to become too hot or touch the bulb, as this is a fire hazard.

It's all about location

Rather than just flicking the wired-in light switch and bathing the room in stark light, make use of lamps to tailor the light levels. This can create a soft and relaxing glow or a lot of light depending on your needs and the overall look you are aiming for.

You can make this even more interesting by using lamps on different levels, as this will vary the light sources and create a more interesting space. This can be achieved by mixing desk lamps with free-standing versions, or using things like wall sconces.

Introduce a touch of twinkle

While you may think that fairy lights should only be used on your Christmas tree, they can create some beautiful effects that are especially beautiful throughout winter.

There are so many options when it comes to using fairy lights that it really does depend on your room and where you want the focus to be.

You can do things like string them up around the entire space, create a feature wall that is covered in fairy lights, make a statement out of certain features - such as your mantelpiece - or even fill vases and bottles with the lights and use them as lamps.

A big plus is that LED fairy lights use very small amounts of electricity, so it could also be a cheaper way of lighting your home this winter.

A soft, natural glow

For those who want something quite atmospheric, you can't beat candles during the winter. Lighting candles throughout your room - being careful of location to avoid knocking them or placing them near flowing fabrics - can create a gorgeous glow.

Candles can totally transform the look of your home, making it seem more luxurious. You'll also find that lighting several candles helps to warm a room up, which is a big plus during the winter months.

Whether you use one, two or numerous candles, you can use them to tailor how much light you add to space, allowing you to create numerous results in the same room.

Light is one of the easiest ways you can transform your home this winter and to make it more welcoming than outside in the cold.

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    Joanna Carter

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