Moroccan-inspired home design ideas

October 22, 2015


Have you ever visited Morocco? If so, you will be familiar with its intricately designed architecture that lines every street, square and souk. If you haven't, that's not to say you can't add a touch of this stunning North African country to your home.

Moroccan designs have become popular among interior design enthusiasts in recent years, with more and more people drawing inspiration from what is arguably one of Africa's most diverse countries.

Since Moroccan style is typically bold and extravagant, there are ways in which you can celebrate the Moroccan spirit while still keeping in line with the contemporary world. In other words, you can include Moroccan-inspired design elements to your home without giving off an overwhelming feel. Here's how:

Ornate mirrors

Ornate accessories are a key feature of Moroccan design, with mirrors of different shapes and sizes typically boasting luxurious and intricate frames. Being highly versatile ornaments, mirrors can be placed inside any room of the home and help to create the illusion of a bigger space.

Rich tones like silver or bronze will enhance the luxury element of your mirror and stand out as an eye-catching piece in your room, no matter where it is positioned. You may even wish to include a few mirrors of different sizes and various frame designs together on one wall to create a focal point.

Contrast your mirrors with a strong Moroccan-inspired colour palette by painting your walls in shades like burnt orange and burgundy to really create an Aladdin's cave vibe.

Mosaic tiles

Whether you're walking along the Moroccan streets or heading down the winding alleyways of the souks, it's guaranteed that you will stumble across an array of mosaic tiles, either lining the walls and floors, in the form of plates and bowls or printed onto cushions or rugs.

You can use mosaic tiles in the most innovative ways around your home to create a beautiful, decorative feature. If you choose loud, striking tiles, use them in a small area of your room, such as around your fireplace or on the splashback behind an oven.

Mirrored mosaic tile bowls can also be added to your dressing table and be used to hold your most treasured pieces of jewellery.

This will work to prevent your tiles from dominating the room and instead serve as an attractive focal point. What's more, Moroccan handmade tiles tend to be pricey, so placing them in one area of the room will save on costs.

Leather pouffe

Another way to bring Moroccan-inspired designs into your home is through furniture. While you might have a favourite armchair or sofa, don't you often wish you could kick back and put your feet up?

Coffee tables don't make very comfortable footrests, so introduce a leather pouffe to your room instead. Traditional of Moroccan furniture, pouffes in brown, black or cream leather will add character to any room and are a stunning finishing accessory.

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Sheeva Fallahi

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