Editor's pick of the month: Winter design trends

November 05, 2015


Now that the clocks have gone back, it's safe to say that the winter season is well and truly on its way. With the cold, crisp weather signalling that Christmas is fast-approaching, keeping warm in the comfort of our homes seems a more attractive option than facing the blustery winds outdoors.

Spending more time inside means that it's important to create a seasonal-appropriate feel in our homes. This involves playing around with furnishings and interiors to stay on-trend and prepared for winter.

While you might choose bold and bright colours to decorate your home in the warmer months, winter design trends present a minimal, clean and structured aesthetic, primarily through the use of understated, neutral tones and a play on texture.

If you're an interior design enthusiast, here are a few ways to get your home winter-ready:

Shades of grey

When you think of the colour grey, you may associate it with looking dreary like the weather; but in fact, incorporating different shades of grey into a room actually presents a contemporary, high-end feel.

Contrasting light tones of grey with dark, charcoal colours works to create a balance that is extremely pleasing to the eye. One combination could involve a dark grey sofa in your living room that's decorated with lighter grey cushions. This would serve as an eye-catching centrepiece in your room.

Rugs are another great way to introduce shades of grey to your furnishings, not to mention the fact they make a room look a lot more inviting.

Cosy fabrics

Texture is a key design trend this winter and can instantly create a warm, cosy feel inside your home.

While you might typically associate knitted fabrics with woolly jumpers, hats and scarves, this soft texture can also be used in interior design. Cushions and futons with knitted covers make perfect finishing touches to any room and come complete in an array of unique patterns.

As well as knits, fluffy textures are ideal for cosy, winter nights and are an appealing design feature. Dress your floor in a cream, fluffy rug or drape a soft, fluffy throw over your armchair for ultimate comfort.

Candles of character

No matter what time of year, lighting a few candles at the end of a long day helps us to relax and unwind. Now that the nights are getting darker earlier though, candles are all the more appropriate and enhance the decorative element of your home.

Rather than traditional free-standing candles, get a bit more creative by giving your candles some character. One way to do this is by filling your favourite bowl with water and adding a few tealights so they float on top. Place a few rose petals in the water too and you'll have a stunning centrepiece for your coffee table.

Warm accents

If you are concerned that your home may look a little cold, liven it up by adding some warm accents. Copper tones are a beautiful addition to any room and look great paired against neutral shades like grey, white and beige.

Make sure you don't go overboard with copper accessories though, as this will make your room look a little industrial. Instead, add one or two key pieces, such as a copper desk lamp or fruit bowl, and your home will be a real winter wonderland.

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    Sheeva Fallahi

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