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5 ways to make your home more welcoming

5 ways to make your home more welcoming


With the weather getting colder as winter approaches, you are probably thinking of ways in which you can make your home feel a lot more warm and welcoming.

Creating an inviting atmosphere into your home can be tricky, especially if you have been living there for years and have become accustomed to its standard layout and design. But with Christmas on its way, you are bound to have made plans for family and friends to come and visit you.

This means that you should make a conscious effort to ensure your home is as welcoming as can be. So put your interior design hat on and try some of these ideas for making your home feel extra inviting:

Focus on first impressions

We all know that first impressions are important, and the same goes for your home. Make sure your entryway is up to standard by giving your front door a fresh lick of paint and placing a welcome mat on your doorstep.

You may even wish to install an outdoor wall lantern to light up your entrance for when guests come to visit in the evening. This will help to make your home appear cosy and welcoming before your visitors have even stepped inside.

Activate the sense of smell

There's nothing worse than entering a room inside a home and being confronted by a slightly off, musty smell.

Pleasant fragrances help to make a room a lot more welcoming upon entry, so place a few fragrant touches around your home to ignite the sense of smell.

Now that it's autumn, seasonal scents such as ginger, cinnamon and vanilla work well to warm up the senses and create a warm, fuzzy feeling that signals the fact that Christmas is just around the corner.

Use candles or reed diffusers that boast these scents and your home will certainly become more appealing.

Furniture arrangements

You may not think it, but the way you arrange your furniture can affect the welcoming feel of a room. For example, sofas and chairs that are placed at opposing angles and facing away from each other creates a rather unsociable setting.

Therefore, arrange your furniture in a way that ensures everyone sat down will be included and not left out.

Add trinkets

Little trinkets around the home help to add an inviting touch. This is also a great opportunity for you to inject your personality into your home and include the tastes of your friends and family.

Things such as a bookshelf that features yours and your friend's favourite reads is a nice element. What's more, photos of special memories placed in frames is another way to make a home feel more special and welcoming.

Make it cosy

Of course, you want your home to be cosy and comfortable. The main way to do this is through your furnishings. Fluffy rugs, cushions and throws are a perfect idea and can really help to bring a room to life.

Choose your cosy accessories in a colour palette that ties in with the rest of the room, so it is all the more pleasing to the eye. Then put your feet up and kick back with your loved ones.