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Pick n' mix: Using different furniture styles in one room

Pick n' mix: Using different furniture styles in one room


When it comes to filling a room with furniture, the chances are you won't have pieces that all fall within one style. Whether you have bought furniture that you like for different reasons, have inherited pieces or have simply collected various styles throughout the years, rooms can easily become a mix of different looks.

You may think this is a bad thing, especially if you are aiming to create a specific style within your space, but mismatched furniture can add an interesting element to your home. In fact, it can even help to strengthen your design and highlight key pieces.

So how do you make sure that all your furniture works together even if it is all different? Here are our top tips:

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Create a connection

This is one of the easiest ways to make different items of furniture work together. Creating a visual connection between each piece will ensure that your room has a sense of cohesion.

There are a number of ways to do this, but colour is the easiest. Simply tie each piece together with a specific shade or a few specific tones and it will bring the room together.

You can do this with soft furnishings - such as cushions - as well as other accessories, including photo frames, ornaments and embellishments. In fact, including colours across different mediums will result in an interesting and versatile space.

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Make alterations

If your furniture doesn't match, make some changes to make it look similar to the rest of your pieces. This can be reupholstering cushions or even painting furniture to help everything look similar.

While this can't alter the overall style of each piece, it will make their differences less jarring and obvious. This method works really well with wood, as you can sand down the surfaces and use a wood stain or different varnish to make all wood the same shade.

It is a good idea to do this if you have a statement wooden piece of furniture, as you can base the colour of the rest of your pieces on this single item.

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Embrace the eclectic

If you like the effect your mismatched furniture creates, why not embrace it? This can be a really fun and interesting way to inject your personality into a room and means you don't need to be so careful about the items you include in your design.

You can add more mismatched pieces, such as different shaped, size and colour cushions, various styles of frames, posters, ornaments etc. This is a great way to create a bright and vibrant space, and means that you can include literally anything in your room.

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Make a statement

Of course, you can also use mismatched furniture to make a single piece stand out. If most of your furniture looks similar or is styled in such a way as to create a sense of cohesion, you can really make one item stand out.

Choose an item of furniture that makes a statement and place it pride of place in your room. When surrounded with your other pieces of furniture, your statement item will be framed and so stand out even more.

With these tips, your mismatched furniture doesn't have to seem out of place.

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