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How to clean and maintain glass in your home

How to clean and maintain glass in your home


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Glass furniture, accessories and features can look really effective in your home, whether you are going for a trendy minimalist look or are aiming for a different style. Glass is also a great choice if you want items that will generally last for a good amount of time with the proper care.

However, not taking steps to look after glass in your home can leave it looking dull and grimy, and could even increase the risk of damage. Glass tends to show every mark, bit of dust and sign of damage, which means you definitely want to look after it.

But with so many options available for caring for your glass what can you choose and how do you avoid it getting expensive to clean and maintain glass in your home? Here are some easy, cheap and effective ways to keep glass gleaming:

White vinegar

Do you know what ingredient all glass cleaners have in common? Vinegar. White vinegar is a brilliant natural cleaner that will leave glass looking clean without any streaks. It is also incredibly cheap, so it pays to have a bottle of this in your cupboard for cleaning glass rather than opting for an expensive solution.

Simply mix up a solution of water and white vinegar - a 50/50 mix is best - you can do this in a spray bottle so it is easier to use. Then you have an effective cleaning solution for use on furniture, mirrors, windows and glass ornaments.

The vinegar will remove dust, grease and dirt, leaving your glass spotless in no time. It is worth noting that the smell of the vinegar may be quite strong so you might want to light a fragranced candle to help the smell dissipate faster.


We all know that a clean cloth will help clean glass, but even a brand new cloth can leave streaks and marks on glass after cleaning. However, using newspaper to clean your glass will guarantee a sparkly, streak-free finish.

Simply use scrunched up newspaper to work your cleaning solution across the glass before using another piece to buff the surface. Not only does this mean you are reusing your morning paper, it also gives a better result that will last.

Use mats and coasters

Glass tables are a popular option when it comes it living and dining rooms. While they look great, they end up looking marked really quickly. They can also be damaged by heat, even if the glass has been tempered, which can leave you out of pocket by a large amount.

If you have a glass table - such as the Tyros Dining Table - you need to ensure you have mats and coasters at the ready for helping to protect it from heat. You don't need to have these on the table at all times, but you will need to have them close by for easy use.

These simple steps will help to maintain your furniture and avoid damage while also ensuring it looks great at all times. For best results, clean your furniture after use, when you notice marks and as regularly as possible.

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