How to create the perfect industrial living room

November 10, 2015


Originated in the late 17th century during the Industrial Revolution, the industrial style has since then been very popular in Europe and North America, being London, New York and Paris the most influential cities.

This architectural practise creates an illusion of roughness to suggest an industrial past. That is why the industrial style is usually used for decorating old buildings turned into living spaces.

The most exciting thing about this decoration style is that you can do it yourself. It’s all about recycling and reusing. Keep reading to find some interesting tips to bear in mind when creating your industrial living room. The rest is up to you.

Matching wood, metal and concrete with neutral colours

Wood, metal and concrete are the three most important materials to use to recreate that industrial style you’re dying for. Forget about plastic furniture or any other plastic object. There was no such thing when the industrial style started.

As much popular as worn wood and metal seem to be lately, they will never be considered industrial style done right without a matching neutral and monotone palette. Remember to keep it simple as far as colours are concerned. Black, white, grey and natural tones will forever be your best friends.

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Dealing with exposed materials

The industrial style décor is also all about exposing functional and resistant materials. Your inner vintage industrial freak will dream about exposed ductwork all over the living room. But what can you do with it? Easy. Either paint it the colour of the ceiling to make it disappear, go for a bold colour to create an eye-catching point or just simply do nothing and leave it bare.

Though a neutral palette is the way to go, exposed brick usually asks for vibrant colours as well. Our personal favourites are turquoise, bright red and pear green. Remember to choose only one of them and use it with caution so your living room overall style don’t look oversaturated.

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Going for open-plan spaces

The perfect industrial living room will never feel completed in a closed floor plan. Open-plan spaces transport us to those big factories with high ceilings in the 1900s where the industrial style was born.

However, if you want to recreate this style without having an open space, don’t worry. Though it may be more difficult, try to give your house a feeling of depth by making a tiled wall or a stone floor and exposing raw materials as previously said.

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Choosing the right decorative items

Last but not least, decorate your living room with collected furniture and decorative items. Don’t try to get the finished industrial look from the beginning. It will feel more personal and cosy if you give yourself some time to wander around second hand shops to find the perfect vintage furniture.

Alternatively, find high-quality reproductions of the most iconic pieces of furniture in the history of design. Our tip of the day, choose Arne Jacobsen’s Series 7 Wooden Bar Stools and Achille Castiglioni’s Arco lamp to add a modern touch of chicness to your industrial living room. 


Alba Mora

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