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Bring the outdoors in: Adding nature to your home

Bring the outdoors in: Adding nature to your home


There's no denying how beautiful the autumn and winter seasons are, with each bringing a plethora of rich colour and glittering frost to the trees and buildings that line each street.

Spending time in the peaceful outdoors helps us to relax and take in the true beauty of mother nature, but now the weather is getting colder, it's likely that we'll be spending less time outside than we may prefer. So why not bring a touch of nature inside your home, instead?

There really are no boundaries when it comes to interior design, meaning you can be as creative and innovative as you wish. Here are a few ways to bring the outdoors in this season - and all year round:

Flowers and plants

Adding flowers and plants to your home will instantly help to create a feeling of relaxation and freshness, not to mention the fact that they are an attractive design feature.

Choose your favourite plants or flowers to bring into your home and arrange them in a stunning glass, metal or wood vase or pot. You can even match your flowers to the colour scheme of your room. For example, you may wish to place a vase filled with beautiful white lilies against a grey or lilac backdrop, so they serve as the focal point of your room.

Remember to place your plants in a space where they will receive plenty of natural sunlight and ensure you give them plenty of care.

Log and wood effects

Wooden beams, logs and bricks might typically be spotted outdoors, but that's not to say you can't bring them into your home too. While you won't want your entire room to be filled with these elements, simply using them in one area to create a feature wall or furnishing will help to draw the eye and enhance the cosiness of your living space.

A log or brick-effect fireplace in the centre of your wall or wooden beams on your ceiling works to create a vintage cottage feel. If you wish to keep things contemporary, mix your effects with metal and glass-based furniture to help balance your theme.

Natural light

While it's nice to have a mix of desk, standing and wall lamps around your home, you can't beat the beauty of natural light shining through the window.

Some homes catch more natural light than others, depending on window positions and size; but whether yours attracts plenty of light or not, there are ways to keep it in rather than block it out.

Of course, curtains and blinds are useful in the evenings, but make sure you keep yours tied back or rolled up during the day. This ensures that any natural light from outdoors won't get trapped, which will help to brighten your living space.

What's more, placing large ornaments or pieces of furniture on top of and in front of windows will restrict the amount of natural light that shines through, so be sure to keep these areas clear.


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