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4 easy steps to give your attic a makeover with style

4 easy steps to give your attic a makeover with style


There is so much you can do with your attic space. Once you’ve decided to organise that space below the pitched roof of your house and not use it only for storage anymore, it’s time to turn it into a functional extra room.

Whether you want to create a guest bedroom, a play area for your kids or a quiet home office, you need to ensure it’ll feel warm all year round. Today, we’ll show you how to stylishly update your attic while getting a multi-purpose yet cosy room.

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Invest in functional furniture

First, choose furniture that doubles for different purposes. The sofa bed is the easiest and safest way to go if you eventually want to turn your attic space into a guest room when your family or friends come to visit.

Another creative idea to save space is investing in bookshelves that double as a pretty desk. Alternatively, you can add cosy pillows and a throw blanket to use a low bookcase as a handy window seat at the same time

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Provide your attic with plenty of storage

Second, make sure you get plenty of storage units so as to keep your attic clutter-free. The last thing you want is a useless space filled with even more useless belongings.

Our tip of the day, plan what you need to keep in the attic before buying new cabinetry and consider adding built-ins to save space. Also, get a chick look with other great storage options as cute rattan baskets or stylish cube shelving units.

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Go for a neutral colour scheme

Third, decorate your attic in a neutral shade. Paint walls, ceiling, floor and furnishings a coordinating shade and you’ll succeed. Afraid of not making the right choice? Go for the all-white look and you won’t fail.

Neutral tones are the perfect option for getting that cosy attic space we’re all after. Don’t forget to provide the room with cotton fabrics also in neutral tones. Blinds, cushions, rugs and throws in a calming colour will forever be your favourite allies.

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Bear lighting in mind

And finally, ensure your attic space with enough lighting to avoid creating an uninviting, dark room. When possible, opt for natural light and allow the sunlight inside with translucent white curtains.

Also, create the illusion of a wider space by incorporating all kinds of lamps. Recessed LED fixtures are the best option to achieve a warm and welcoming room with your table, floor and pendant lightings and avoid creating unwanted warm.

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