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Italian-inspired home design ideas

Italian-inspired home design ideas


Whether you have roamed the streets of Italy on your travels abroad or simply fallen head over heels for its most famed architecture, many pieces of homeware today draw inspiration from this popular European country.

Italy's capital Rome is a much-visited cosmopolitan city that's renowned for being home to a plethora of ancient buildings and ruins, such as the Roman Forum, the Colosseum, St. Peter's Basilica and the Vatican museums.

Such foundations shape the heart of Italy's rich culture, so it's no surprise that Italian-inspired decor has made its way into many homes across the globe.

If you're in the process of decorating your home, why not add a touch of Italy to it with these design ideas?

Tile, marble and stone

There's no denying that Italy's architecture is intricate and extravagant, typically made from strong, heavy-duty materials like tile, marble and stone. Such materials convey a clean, fresh aesthetic that can be implemented into any room around your home.

While marble is a common kitchen worktop or bathroom counter feature, there are other, more unique ways to bring it into your home. Kitchen accessories - such as chopping boards and knife holders - made from marble will make your room look chic and stylish.

Similarly, tiles can be used outside of the bathroom and kitchen, with patterned ceramic tiles serving as a great feature for hallway or porch flooring.

To add texture to your home, a whitewash stone wall will work to create a fine balance between traditional and contemporary design.

Contemporary touches

Although many Italian monuments date back centuries, boasting ornate, baroque styles, modern designs certainly have a place in Italian homes too.

Contemporary Italian styles take a more minimalist approach than its traditional counterpart. This means that simplicity is the key to creating a sleek and stylish aesthetic in your home.

Smooth finishes and curved edges, be it on coffee tables or bedside cabinets, work to convey a modern feel while still retaining the charm of Italy's rich past. Something like our Tulip Table would be the perfect touch.

Gilded in gold

When it comes to traditional Italian decor, luxury and elegance are high on the list, with many features and furnishings adorned in warm tones like gold.

Of course, solid gold is expensive, but that's not to say that decor etched in a thin layer of gold paint or covered in gold-leaf can't be just as effective.

What's more, gold can begin to look tacky if you overdo it, so make sure you use it in soft, subtle accents rather than throughout your entire room. Lampshades, chandeliers, doorknobs and light switches dressed in gold will make your living space luxurious, rich and oozing with Italian charm.

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