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5 interesting ways to decorate a plain wall

5 interesting ways to decorate a plain wall


All-white walls can be a bit too white sometimes. Even coloured walls can feel a little boring. Hanging artwork -though an appealing blank wall solution- is not the only way to add texture and colour to your walls. Keep reading to find out other equally interesting ideas. Remember these are only our suggestions. Let your imagination run wild, trust your gut and create a stylish and unique space that will feel completely your own.

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Hang your favourite photographs

We all like to display our family portraits and our travel photos all over the house to remember the good old days. However, sometimes we don’t know how to arrange them properly and end up creating a messy look.

Create a collage on the wall with framed photos. Display your favourite pictures in a pretty wall composition and you’ll see the whole room transform completely. How to arrange them? Pick a colour scheme, a type of frame or a photo size so they are all tied together, or just simply get wild and create an asymmetric gallery.

If you’re not sure about your own ability of matching and decorating, a single oversized photograph is the ideal solution for you. You can even break it up into nine pieces and make a huge statement that will be the envy of all your guests.

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Install mirrors

Reflective artwork is an effective attention grabber. The good news is that you can choose from an infinite range of sizes, shapes and frame colours. Make a stylish statement by hanging or leaning an oversized mirror -it can easily help you fill up a blank wall and, what’s more, will make the room feel larger.

Mirrored walls are another smart way to create interest and they’re not difficult to do. Use frameless square plates to create a symmetrically arranged reflective serie. Otherwise, group several mirrors in different sizes and shapes for a bolder yet still sophisticated look.

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Create your own art gallery

Hanging a single piece of artwork on your wall is probably the easiest way to draw attention, especially if it’s an oversized one. A big painting canvas can also help you make an impressive art statement if leaned against the wall.

Alternatively, if you’re amongst those who believe more is more, create a gallery wall by filling blank walls with an arrangement of small prints. Remember to choose similar sizes and patterns to get a cohesive composition.

Tapestry is also a great way to gorgeously decorate your home. Showcase that piece of fabric you bought on your last trip to Marrakech or dare to create a simple but eye-catching DIY project by placing fabric panels inside of picture frames.

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Make a statement with letters

Typography is today a major decoration trend and that’s a fact. From framed poems to inspirational quotes in chalkboards, letters are currently dominating the interior designs. Embrace this artsy trend by arranging chic three-dimensional letters on your walls.

Also, consider vinyl wall decals to stick a message on the wall. This is an easy and affordable way to decorate your room. Choose single powerful words, an inspiring quote from your idol or a line from your favourite song or book and you will immediately create a cheerful personal space.

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Style shelves with books and personal belongings

A few weeks ago, we posted a blog talking about decorative ideas for book lovers and shelves were a big part of it. In fact, they turn out to be one of the most appealing ideas to add character to a blank wall, with or without books on them.

Trying to arrange several shelves with style can also be a fun entertainment. Place only one or a group of them, depending on your personal taste, and decorate them with your favourite accessories -framed photographs, small pieces of art, clocks, mirrors and plants are always a good idea.


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