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Editor's pick of the month: Minimalist interiors

Editor's pick of the month: Minimalist interiors



With the month of November over, it's time to turn another page in our calendars to see what December has in store. The winter months are admittedly my favourite when it comes to interior design trends, bringing with them an excuse to incorporate sheer luxe and cosiness into our living spaces.

While it is cold and blustery outdoors, we can dress our homes in fluffy rugs, fleece-lined throws and comfy cushions, transforming them into a warm and cosy winter retreat.

One of the most popular design trends at this time of year - that can also be introduced all year round - is minimalist interiors. Such schemes hold connotations of simplicity, sleekness and elegance, which is why you shouldn't hesitate in introducing it to your home.


Less is more

You have probably heard of the saying 'less is more' and pondered over its meaning. In fact, this phrase goes hand in hand with minimalist interior design, quite literally saying that by adding less, a greater effect is created.

For example, placing a handful of key pieces of furniture in one room will give the illusion of a bigger space. The eyes of visitors will be attracted to the minimal furnishings, providing a clean, smooth aesthetic that's visually appealing.


Positioning furniture symmetrically will add to the overall neatness that minimalist interiors work to create, but should be done so in a way that's not too harsh or rigid. It is crucial to find a balance, such as placing two plants on either side of a sofa or a rug in the centre of the room.

Stress-free simplicity


It can be difficult to relax in a messy, cluttered space, which is why minimalist interiors can help to create a stress-free and calm atmosphere.

There is something about a simple design and layout that can instantly make you feel content. Busy colour schemes and patterns can sometimes over-complicate things, making it tricky to put your feet up and truly wind down.


By injecting simple touches into your living space, such as one colour palette throughout or using a mirror as the main wall feature, you will have a happier outlook as soon as you walk through the door.

Neutral and natural

When it comes to using colour, most minimalist interiors adopt a natural and neutral approach. Shades such as cream, beige, stone grey and pale brown are light, airy hues that make a room immediately inviting.

Entering a space that incorporates neutral and natural colours allows us to process the room as a whole, rather than our eyes flitting from shade to shade and pattern upon pattern. This ties in with a stress-free aesthetic that works to make us feel calm.


While you may think that grey or cream colour palettes are quite cold, they can be warmed up by adding gentle touches such as a fireplace, lighting and fluffy accessories like cushions and rugs. This helps to create a contrast between simple and cosy that makes minimalist interiors the way forward this season.


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