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Look back: Our favourite designs from 2015

Look back: Our favourite designs from 2015


The last 12 months have brought with them some fantastic interior design trends that we're sure are going to continue to inform styles as we head into 2016. No matter what your taste, you're bound to have found a style that you know and love this year.

To see 2015 out in style, we're taking a look at the designs we've loved the most from the last year. All of these are pretty timeless and will come back in as the styles to beat, so why not use them as inspiration even in 2016?

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Luxe minimalism

Rather than the stark white and empty look that many people think of when they hear the phrase minimalism, this year has seen a more luxurious design take off. Luxurious minimalism uses the simple idea of placing as little in a room as possible and using simple shapes, but steps it up a notch.

The use of luxurious fabrics and colours has helped to make this a popular trend that works in most spaces. Rather than fussy patterns and details that most people associate with the word 'luxury', this design allowed the colour and texture of items to do all the talking.  

This means rooms look and feel a lot more comfortable while still avoiding becoming cluttered. Pieces like the Eero Saarinen Womb Chair work perfectly with this design, allowing you to add a splash of colour to a space without getting overly fussy.

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Style fusion

This year has seen a lot of mixing and matching when it comes to styles, which has created fluid and interesting designers. Modern pieces have been mixed with antiques, and plain with patterns. This has resulted in versatile and varied rooms that ooze personality.

Perhaps the best thing about this trend is that it really is down to you how your room looks. There are no rules apart from ensuring each piece is tied together to create a cohesive style.

The simplest way to do this is to select a colour that is carried through each aspect of a space. This ensures that everything functions and fits without looking jarring, resulting in an open and interesting room.

This look works really well because it is completely fluid. It doesn't take much to alter the effect and you're able to add more furniture or accessories into the space, as well as remove others.

We love this look as it means you can make any of the designer replica furniture work in your room without having to change everything.

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Mid-century style

Perhaps one of our favourite looks over the last 12 months, rockabilly design has championed mid-century style, making it affordable and accessible for everyone. This trend took its cues from the fashion world, with the popularity of styles from the 1950s and 60s bleeding over into interior design.

Bright, contrasting colours, simple shapes, abstract patterns and simple yet comfortable furniture are all elements of this trend, which has helped to make it a popular choice.

Many people have gone full out with this style, adding in plenty of kitsch in the form of flamingo wallpaper and crystal pineapple ornaments, while others have opted for a more simple take by opening rooms up and including a single brightly-coloured piece of furniture.

Rockabilly has fast become a way of life for fans, so it will come as no surprise if we see this trend continue to be popular as we head into 2016.

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