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DIY decorations for the festive season

DIY decorations for the festive season


The festive season is well and truly upon us, which means you're probably in the midst of completing your Christmas to-do list.

This time of year is always a busy one, what with presents to buy, food to prepare and a home to decorate. Of course, department stores and shopping centres are always jam-packed with eager shoppers, which can leave you having to queue for hours on end.

If you still need to pick up some Christmas decorations for your home, avoid the crowds this season and make some festive decorations yourself. This will give you a chance to inject a personal touch into your home, as well as make your Christmas display truly unique.

What's more, arts and crafts activities are highly therapeutic, giving you a chance to relax and wind down away from the hustle and bustle of the outdoors.

Here are a few DIY decoration ideas for the festive season:

Festive bunting

Bunting is a great way to decorate your home, making it look fun and attractive. Not just this, but it's also super easy to make yourself. Simply cut pieces of card or fabric into triangle shapes and thread them together using ribbon or string.

While bunting comes designed in a variety of patterns and colours, make sure yours fits with the festive period. Shades such as emerald green, oxblood and gold are typically associated with Christmas and will help to give your home a luxurious edge.

If you wish to use a more minimalist colour palette, use white fabric or card and draw or stitch red letters onto each piece to spell out a festive word, such as 'NOEL' or 'XMAS'.

Stocking garland

It's tradition to hang stockings up by the fireplace on Christmas Eve, but why not break from tradition and make your own decorative stocking garland?

A garland that wraps around your banister will instantly draw the eye, not to mention make your staircase look fabulously festive. As well as dressing it in twinkling fairy lights and baubles, hang stockings on it.

You could even stitch the stockings yourself in a cheery pattern, such as red and white candy cane-style stripes.

Wreath centrepiece

While you might hang a Christmas wreath on your front door, be a little more creative this season by making a wreath centrepiece for your dining table.

Simply take a plain wreath and position it in the centre of your table. Next, brush some gold paint onto pine cones or dip them in glitter and use them to decorate the wreath. You could even add a few baubles if you wish. Finally, finish off your centrepiece by placing some candles in the middle of the wreath and wow your guests on Christmas Day.

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Repurpose ornaments

Baubles look great when hung on trees and wreaths, but there's nothing better than thinking outside the box when it comes to home decor.

This Christmas, repurpose traditional ornaments and transform them into unique decorative features. As well as hanging your baubles onto the tree, place them into a glass vase or bowl in the middle of your mantlepiece or on either side of your fireplace. This will give your room that stand-out factor and is sure to receive many compliments from your guests.

Choose a colour scheme - such as silver and white or red and gold - and pick a selection of baubles in your desired shades. You could even match them to those used on your tree so that your festive decorations don't clash and remain on trend.

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