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Parisian-inspired home design ideas

Parisian-inspired home design ideas


The year is almost at an end and 2016 will soon be upon us. A new year signals a fresh start, but rather than make resolutions to go to the gym more often, why not make an interior design-related resolution to give your home a makeover?

If you haven't decorated your home in years, it's probably time for a change. While you may still love the way certain rooms in your home are decorated, choosing just one or two other rooms to redesign can really refresh the whole place. This will still give your home a new lease of life, while retaining the old comfort and charm that you've become accustomed to over the years.

 Finding inspiration for redecorating can be tricky, but the answer to your interior design-related woes could lie a little further from home than you might think. The French are renowned for their stylish, high-end taste in fashion and home interiors, so bring a touch of Parisian chic into your home design.

Here are a few ways how:

Go vintage

French style is all about incorporating the old with the new. This means mixing contemporary pieces of furniture with one or two key vintage designs.

If you've visited Paris before, you will be familiar with its picturesque townhouses and little boutiques that line each street. Here, you will find independent sellers offering unique knickknacks, vintage pieces of furniture and detailed accessories for your home.

Add an element of Parisian design to your home by placing a large, gold-framed mirror in the centre of your wall - be it in your living room, bathroom or bedroom. The intricacy of the frame will serve as a focal point, which when offset with sleek, modern sofas and chairs will really make your home incredibly stylish and chic.

Detailed prints and patterns are another way to create vintage style, with brocade being a popular French-inspired design. Whether you introduce brocade-printed wallpaper to your room or a cushion etched in a beautiful brocade print - like this one - your home will ooze Parisian style straight away.

Ornate lighting

When it comes to luxury and elegance, the French certainly don't hold back. Ornate pieces of furniture are typically featured inside Parisian homes and apartments, instantly making a room look grand and lavish.

It should be noted, though, that introducing ornate designs into your home should be done in moderation, with just one or two pieces, rather than plenty. This way, your room won't look too over the top and you will achieve the perfect balance between luxury and contemporary style.

If you're wondering how to bring ornate furniture into your room, lighting is a great way to do so. Chandeliers look stunning hung in the centre of your ceiling and can immediately transform a simple room into something truly extraordinary. Discover our range of designer replica lighting here.

Add a splash of red

Paris is renowned for being the city of love, with couples from all over the globe travelling there throughout the year on romantic getaways. The colour red, therefore, has become associated with French interior design.

Since red is a bold, vibrant hue, it can begin to look a little garish should you use it too much. Instead, introduce one or two pieces of red furniture to a predominantly white or grey room. You could even include a red feature wall and contrast this with black, white or grey furnishings.

The bright pop of colour will instantly draw the eye and make your room stand out for all the right reasons.


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