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5 fun ways to decorate a nursery room

5 fun ways to decorate a nursery room


The new year is upon us, which means you will have stored away all your festive decorations and are probably looking for new ways to give your home a fresh look.

When you think of interior design, it's likely that rooms such as your kitchen, bedroom and living room first spring to mind. While you may wish to revamp these areas of your home in the near future, if you have young children or are expecting a new little arrival to the family, why not start the year by decorating a nursery room?

This is where you will really be able to exercise your creativity and put your design skills to the test. If you have a spare room in your home and aren't sure how best to make use of it, transforming it into a nursery for your baby is the perfect place to begin.

Here are some interior design ideas for decorating a nursery or playroom:

Accent wall

If the room you're decorating is relatively small, it's best to paint three of the walls in a neutral shade, such as cream or pale yellow, and one wall in a bolder, more vibrant hue like cornflower blue, pink or mint green.

The pop of colour will help to ignite your child's visual senses, which will work to keep them in good spirits while they play with their toys. You could even use a stencil and paint a design of one of their favourite animated characters in a matching bright shade.

By creating an accent wall, you will also present the illusion of a larger space, as this focal point will be balanced out by the surrounding neutral walls.

Prints and colour

It's known that bright colours and imagery help to keep children engaged and happy. Therefore, it's a good idea to incorporate a selection of fun prints and shades into various aspects of your youngster's nursery.

Patterns and shapes such as stripes, polka dots, flowers and stars look great inside nurseries and playrooms, whether on rugs, blankets or cushions, and are sure to catch your little one's attention.

You should also settle on a colour scheme for the room, as a mixture of many different shades can look a little overpowering and messy. Pastel hues work perfectly, since they are delicate while still being fun and bold.

Decorative features

Although the rest of your home may be designed in a minimalist manner, this style is a little too 'grown-up' for children, so be more adventurous when you come to choose decorative features for your nursery room.

Baby mobiles hung over cots serve as an attractive feature, while also being a fun and interactive element for your youngster. You may even wish to stack lettered or numbered building blocks, or an abacus, on a round-edged coffee table for a quirky, retro effect.

Animal imagery

Animals are always a big hit among children, so include animal imagery in your nursery room in the form of soft toys, canvas prints or even printed onto cushions.

Our Funky Zebra Print Cushion will look amazing positioned on an armchair in the corner of the room. The multicoloured paint effect adds a vibrant, playful touch and will stand out against a plain hue like blue, yellow or pink. What's more, your youngster will certainly love it!


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