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Great ways to use print and texture in your home

Great ways to use print and texture in your home


Do you often look around your house and feel that something is missing? While you may love the way your home has been designed, it's common to think that it just needs a little something extra. In most instances, it just so happens that this is simply the addition of a statement piece of furniture or an interesting feature.

To make your home look extra beautiful and give it that perfect finishing touch, incorporating stunning prints and textures is the icing on the cake.

One or two eye-catching prints can instantly bring a minimalistic design style to life. Be careful though, because using them in your home too much can be a little overwhelming, making a room look cluttered and unkempt.

Here are a few prints and textures to introduce to your home this year:


In recent months, marble prints have become extremely popular in the interior design world. So much so, that this clean and chic print has made its way onto everyday accessories, such as mobile phone and laptop cases.

Marble designs present a sleek and stylish look that boasts an air of luxury. You may be familiar with the print used to design receptions or bathrooms of extravagant hotels. But now, why not use it around your home?

Marble print work surfaces in your kitchen and around the sink in your bathroom will immediately make your home look high-end and on-trend. Not just this, but marble-effect coffee tables will work to enhance a contemporary feel in any room.


If you're looking to create a vintage, cottage style in your modern home, a brick finish is the way to go. Whether used as a feature wall around the fireplace in your living room or as the backsplash in your kitchen, a textured brick wall adds character and really draws the eye.

If you don't wish to use real bricks, which can be expensive and tricky to preserve, purchase a brick-effect board or wallpaper. This is much more purse-friendly and works to create the same, homely feel in whichever room you wish to design.


In the way that Breton stripes in fashion are a timeless classic, stripes in interior design is very much the same.

A striped print will never look dated and can be used in a variety of ways in your home. If you choose to decorate your room in a plain colour, such as white or grey, adding striped accessories like cushions will make it look rich, warm and vibrant.

Stripes also look great in children's nurseries when painted on a feature wall. Horizontal stripes can help to make a small room look bigger, while vertical stripes will create the illusion of a taller living space.

Play around with colours - whether you choose to use just two or a selection - and you're sure to be amazed by the results.


If you love nothing more than shabby chic interior design styles, you need to include a stonewash finish in your home. The best way to achieve this is on a wooden floor, with a white stonewash texture helping your room to look brighter, bigger and totally stylish.

Or if you prefer, you may wish to incorporate a stonewash finish into your home on a smaller scale, such as on a wooden dressing table or wardrobe. Paired with pastel shades like mint green and lilac, your home will become transformed into a mini shabby chic wonderland.

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