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5 great functional accessories to dress up your home

5 great functional accessories to dress up your home


When it comes to dressing up your home, it can be really easy to fill rooms with things that look great but have no real purpose. While this might help to complete your design, it can mean that your house gets too cluttered with things that have no real purpose apart from looking great.

Rather than having to choose between fashion or function, you can make the most of both by dressing your home with stylish pieces that serve a purpose. Here are some of our top choices for stylish accessories that are also useful:

Decorative chalkboards

We all know that having art on the walls can instantly brighten your room. However, failing to update your art every now and then can leave your design looking stale.

Decorative chalkboards are a great choice of accessory for adding to your room for this very reason. You can create your own art on a daily basis, helping to keep your design fresh, while also having somewhere to write messages or make lists.

You can even get chalkboards in different shapes and colours, meaning you can pick one or more up to totally work with your theme.

Statement lamps

Rather than trying to find somewhere to put decorative pieces and your functional lamps, choose lamps that look beautiful as well as light your room. This can mean that your lamps do the job of ornaments while still being useful, ensuring your room looks great without you being left in the dark.

Whether you choose brightly coloured designs, shaped bases or patterned shades, there are loads of options for making your lamps stand out as strong design features. You can even get a light fitting to match to tie the whole look together and ensure your lamps draw the eye even when they aren't turned on.   

Pretty mirrors

Mirrors have more functions than simply serving as a way to check your makeup and hair. You can actually use mirrors to direct light around your room, which can make spaces that are small or have limited natural light seem bigger and brighter.

This is why they are a great functional choice for any room, but they can also be a super pretty design feature.

Rather than just picking a standard square or rectangular mirror, pick interesting shapes or mirrors that are framed. This makes them stand out as much as art would, especially if you team several mirrors together to make a statement or intersperse them with photos on a gallery wall.

Mixing up the shapes and sizes of your mirrors within one space can make an instant difference and is a great way to update your room.

Stylish phone

While you may use your mobile for most calls, it still pays to have a landline in your home. If you aren't going to use your landline much, you might as well choose a phone that looks decorative.

Stylish phones are a great way to add a bit of personality to a room and to further enhance your overall theme. You can get phones that look vintage, abstract or colourful, which ensures they will make a statement while being one of the most functional items in your space.

Select one that looks great and fits with other features in your space and it will help to complete your design.

Versatile vases

You don't need to have fresh flowers in your room at all times to warrant some decorative vases. These ornaments look great while empty but are also hugely versatile, allowing you to mix up your design even if they stay in one place.

Vases can be used to hold flowers, lights or even things like buttons and marbles, allowing you to create a fun display that works with everything else in your room. But the most important factor? They are just the thing to have on hand if you get bought flowers.

While they may not be something you can use for their practical purpose every day - unless you want to - they are definitely a way to dress up your room that will come in handy.

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