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5 ways to introduce wooden furniture to your home

5 ways to introduce wooden furniture to your home



Whether you love contemporary home furnishings or you sway towards vintage styles, there's nothing more timeless than solid wooden furniture.

Natural wood pieces can serve as a focal point inside any room, immediately drawing the eye and helping to make a house a home. With a plethora of wood types, finishes and styles, adding wooden furniture to your home means that no one piece will look the same, making yours truly unique.

If you are wondering how best to introduce wooden furniture to your interior design style, here are a few suggestions:

Living room

Your living room is a place for you to relax and unwind or entertain family and friends. It is important, therefore, that you design it in a way that's welcoming and homely.

If your living room features a fireplace, wooden furniture will complement it perfectly. Add this Aston Solid Oak Coffee Table to the centre of your room, on top of a fluffy rug to create warmth and texture.


Place a vase of your favourite flowers or bowl of potpourri in the centre of your coffee table to add fragrance to your living room - and don't forget the selection of tasty nibbles for when your guests arrive!

Dining room

Nothing says luxury quite like a wooden dining table. Adding this piece of furniture to your dining room is the perfect excuse to get the whole family together, not to mention show off your new addition to your loved ones.

This Aston Solid Oak Dining Table seats four people and looks great when paired with brightly coloured chairs to create a contemporary vibe. What's more, the timber is sourced from managed plantations, making it environmentally friendly and sustainable.



It's often said that the kitchen is the heart of the home, so naturally you will want to make it look attractive so it is enjoyable to cook in.

One thing that many people would like more of in their homes is storage space - especially in the kitchen. There are many useful ways to store items in your kitchen without having to pile everything onto the work surface.

This Satin Lacquered Oak Wine Rack is a stylish way to store your bottles, with the grey and oak wood finish offering a sleek contrast between contemporary and vintage styles. The rack has enough space to store 24 bottles of wine, while the surface top offers additional storage space for you to showcase some of your most prized bottles.


If you own a lot of clothes and shoes, it's likely you're running out of places to store them in your bedroom. Rather than fill your room with large wardrobes - which can make a space look small and dark - invest in this Solid Walnut Sideboard.


The deep walnut hue is designed to last for years, making it a worthwhile addition to your home. Featuring six drawers and a large open-door cupboard, you will have plenty of space to store your belongings. What's more, it's extremely versatile; so if you don't wish to use the sideboard for your clothes, use it for folding away bed linen and bathroom towels.


Many homeowners with a spare room often transform it into a private study. This is particularly useful for those who work from home or simply want a space to wind down and read a good book.

If you have a study or reading room, this Satin Lacquered Oak Bookcase will instantly bring it to life, adding character and charm. Perfect for storing your most treasured reads, notebooks and stationery, the oak, grey and silver design offers a modern style with a twist.

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