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Space-saving Solutions in Modern Times

Space-saving Solutions in Modern Times


If one thing characterises these modern times we are living, it is an enormous desire to save space. Technology allows us to have at our disposal everything we need in a single device, whereas in the past, its features had to be purchased separately. Calculators, notebooks, media players and computers are no longer absolutely necessary as long as you are the happy owner of a fully-equipped smartphone.

Something similar applies to the real estate industry. Especially large cities like Hong Kong, Tokyo and London are faced with the demographic challenge of a population that continues to rapidly increase, among other reasons, due to the impact of immigration. Be that as it may, the point is that the size of the cities does not grow at the same pace and has relatively changed over the past few years.

According to Rachel Nuwer’s article for BBC, 55% of the world’s population lives in cities and, by 2050, this rate is expected to increase to about two-thirds. Moreover, early this year, the UK’s biggest building society warned that house construction is likely to lag behind demand in 2016, being this the reason why property prices will keep rising and why people will have to live at much higher population densities.

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Another interesting statistic is the fact that the average age of first-time buyers has also increased. By the time they will buy their first property, people in the UK will be on their late thirties. A MoneySuperMarket’s research also shows that most of the mortgage applicants have to push themselves financially and make sacrifices. As a result, more and more people alternatively rent apartments and are forced to look for smart ways to save storage space.

In this scenario, it comes as no surprise that flats are getting smaller. However, the demands of the household are still the same. The needs of families have not changed. Or maybe they have, but they have certainly not decreased at all. Our grandparents’ generation was used to live with few possessions. Now, on the contrary, our ambition is to have as many things as possible.


If there is one thing that we have now, going back to technology, is the capacity of creating products that satisfy more than one need, as in the case of space-saving furniture. Multifunctional designs are not a new idea. Humans have always looked for ways to make their space more efficient and new products more versatile.

Mini-kitchens, compactable lounge chairs, desk lamps and bunk beds are only a few examples. Over the course of time, this kind of products have improved and their designs nowadays look more stylish, elegant and functional than they used to.

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