Five Essentials to Make a Small Living Room Feel Larger and Warmer

November 23, 2016


A series of questions pop up in our mind when it comes to beautify the living space. What furniture should I own for the living room? Will it take more space? Am I making the space cluttered? Will it look good? Is the space looking empty? And the queries keep going on. However, by smart choice of furniture sets, you can turn your living room warm and inviting without putting much effort.

Let us go through the list of the items that you must own for your living room.

A pair of foldable love seats

Even after owning a full-size sofa, several times you run short for space and need extra seats. Placing foldable love seats can save you from this problem. They not only look stylish but are also great space savers. Look below these chic wooden love seats tucked elegantly beside the sofa.

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Nestling sofa side table

Nestling furniture is a wonderful creation for all those who crave for space in their living room. Apart from meeting the space requirements, they provide an ultra-modern look to the house. Add a wooden nestling sofa side table to your living room as shown in the picture below and believe yourself.


Lighting often comes at the last place while adorning the living space. However, a decent lighting is capable enough to make the living room lively in no time.  Simply placing a few corner lamps in the living room will light up the environment.

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Look at the graceful lamp (in the picture) showering warm light in the living room. How cozy!

Bold colored cushions

Place a few brilliantly bright colored cushions in your living room and feel the energy. Cushions not just make the seating space comfy but are also a wonderful way to splatter chic touch to the living space.

What about including this bold butterfly printed cushion to your living room. Specifically made of velvet material, this cushion will infuse some lively touch to your living space. Want to own this piece?

Mirrors and wallpapers

A beautiful mirror placed in the living room creates a strong focal point. It is all the more true if you have small living space. You just have to place abstract wallpaper and hang a mirror on the top of it. Feel the depth it gives to your living room.

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Just like in this picture. What a striking piece to display!

Now your living is fully furnished and ready to welcome your guests and friends. 


Steven Smith

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