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How Pausing Improves Your Interior Design

How Pausing Improves Your Interior Design


So, you have a plan and a can, right? The plan is a crystal clear idea of how your room will look when all is done, and in the can is a paint colour that you believe will change everything. So it’s full steam ahead…

Not so fast.

Wanting to change the atmosphere of a room is natural - every few years we get that urge for a complete new look. But there’s a bit of work to do before you launch into your grand plan and it could save you a lot of heartache. 

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Paint and planning - making colour your slave 

It’s easy to fall in love with colour - the recent craze for feature walls is evidence of that. But colour lust doesn’t always lead to a long-term relationship.

The solution? Sample pots are like speed dating - slap them on the wall and you get a good idea what your future would look like with that hue. Don’t forget that the seasons will change the paint’s impact, so if you’re painting in winter, shine some bright light to simulate summer and if you’re decorating in summer, shade the paint to see how it will look in winter’s duller days.

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Pausing and purchasing - the planned approach to furniture

My grandparents bought a Swedish display unit on the ‘never-never’ as they used to call hire purchase agreements. Apparently the unit nearly outlasted the marriage, as my grandmother was sick of it after a couple of years, but they hadn’t finished paying for it so she was stuck with it - cue a lot of arguments. Eventually they sold the house… possibly to get away from their furniture mistake! We tend to overestimate the utility of furniture and underestimate its size - this means we’re prone to thinking it will hold more stuff but also take up less room than it actually will.

The solution? Cardboard boxes. Roughly tape boxes together and put them where your new furniture will go. This often reveals hidden problems. When you’re planning a major furniture purpose you need to consider both space and shape - the most beautiful table is the world isn’t right for you if you keep walking into it because the space around it is too small.

One reason we adore the Abingdon Stowaway Dining Table is that it feels spacious when you’re using it, but the chairs tuck away afterwards, reducing the impact of the table on your living space.